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While I so far made an semi-annual look back in time, the “Very Important Postings”, I decided something with my review of the year 2019. I just felt that the Very Important Postings became too long and that I will just concentrate on the real highlights of the full year, split into different categories. Hope you enjoy this format, which I hope to be a bit speedier and easier to read. – The Best in Music

I already wrote some stuff about the best albums, EPs and singles in separate postings (see below). Thus, I the music section of “ Best Ones 2019” will be the shortest one of all:


Best Concert / Festival Event:
Eric Paslay & Lainey Wilson in Aschaffenburg (3rd Sep 2019)

The CMA Fest 2019 was overwhelming and felt so great – but overall I felt that the amazing atmosphere in the Kollos-Saal in Aschaffenburg and two great artists, Lainey Wilson and Eric Paslay, just made my day.

Eric Paslay (3rd Sep 2019, Aschaffenburg)

Best Concert Performance:
Sarah Darling – The British Country Music Festival

In this show, Sarah Darling just smashed Blackpool. She just dominated the first day in the lovely Ballroom, making look other artists like amateurs. One musician said to me after the show “She made me feel again and again that I am the only person in the room and she is just singing for me”. Great show, great stage appearance!

British Country Music Festival – Day 1 (13th Sep 2019)



Best Album / Single / EP:

I already posted my view on the best albums (including EPs) and singles, which I split into country and non-country music:

My Favorite Music Albums 2019 – My Favorite Songs 2019 – The Best in Sports

I still would like to cover more sports on – somehow I fail to be more present at the roots of my internet coverages.

Personal Sports Event of the Year 2019:
International Tennis Hall of Fame Open
I visited so many Davis Cup ties, I have been at the US Open multiple times, was in Wimbledon and saw a lot of other venues – but the very traditional grass court scenery at Newport, Rhode Island, was just very special magic – not just because I was able to see my idol Leander Paes on court again.

International Tennis Hall of Fame & Hall of Fame Open 2019


Best Match / Game (covered with 2019:
Floorball Bundesliga: Holzbüttgen – Bonn 9:8

This match was massive. Bonn was leading most of the time in this local rivalry duel, before Holzbüttgen turned the match in the last minutes in front of their home crowd.

DJK Holzbüttgen – SSF Dragons Bonn 9:8 (2:4, 3:2, 4:2)


Best Match / Game (not visited) 2019:
Women WFC Semis: Switzerland – Czech Republic 7:6 SD

This one should likely be in every “Sports Moment of the Year 2019” TV show – at least the Swiss will keep this sports moment for years: the Swiss girls were trailing 1:6 in the final period of their home ground Women World Floorball Championships. At a score of 2:6 and a remaining time of soem four minutes, Denisa Ratajova hit a penalty shot to the post. Under old floorball rules, this would have been a two minute power play for the Czech still, but the Swiss played the most remarkable last three minutes of women floorball: Julia Suter (2), Seraina Ulber and Michelle Wiki brought their team back in the game – and even worse for the Czech, Wiki sealed in overtime. You just have to watch these final three minutes of regular match time – luckily, the whole match is available on YouTube:


Favorite Stadium / Arena / Arena Tour 2019:
Glasgow Rangers Ibrox Stadium Tour

Doing the tour with the Glasgow Rangers was just iconic! So much tradition, so many titles and trophies, so much heart and power in the presentation of the rooms – being at Ibrox Stadium in the beginning of 2019 was just incredible!

Glasgow Rangers Ibrox Stadium Tour – The Best in Travel

Travel is still the heart of – even if there is also a lot of contents about music. Thus, I also set up the most categories here. Hope you find some stunning postings and experience.


Best Aviation Experience 2019:
Southern Airlines Express Roundtrip from Lancester, PA

What an amazing day in February, where I flew the Southern Airlines Express Cessna airplanes from Lancester via Baltimore, Morgantown and Pittsburgh back to Amish County. Not just the flight to Pittsburgh, where I was the only passenger, was really special. Loved to fly it – and it even beat the unique experience to land at the beach of Barra.

Flying with Southern Airways Express


Best Inflight Experience 2019:
Singapore Airlines First Class (HKG-SIN, 30.04.2019)

I loved the Sun Air of Scandinavia services a lot, but the First Class experience with Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong to Singapore was just too fantastic. Superb seats, amazing services – I feel I never had a flight which that much felt to be much too short.

Flying Singapore Airlines First Class (B777-300ER)


Favorite Airport (first visit in 2019):
Singapore Changi Airport

There is no review of Singapore Airport itself on – but even just the amazing shopping mall JEWEL, which is located inside / just at the terminals, is so amazing. Loved to have a couple of flights from Changi – even when flying Malindo Air!

Jewel Changi Airport (Singapore)


Best Airport Lounge (First Visit in 2019):
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

I’ve been to a lot of good lounges – but beating the unique First Class Terminal in Frankfurt is likely just impossible. The service the airline is granting to its First Class passengers and HON Circle members is likely quite unique in the world. So glad that I could do this experience.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt

Best (Road) Trip 2019:
Barra With Barra Island Tours

The flight to Barra was great – the guided private tour I booked around the island was even better (on an amazing sunny day, by the way). I just enjoyed being on the Outer Hebrides and seeing so many different things in one day.

Exploring Barra With Barra Island Tours


Favorite Outdoor Attraction (first visit 2019):
Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is one of my favorite places in Dubai – not only because the of the amazing floral A380 aircraft you see in the title below. A lovely place to hang out and just enjoy all the flowers in display.

Dubai Miracle Garden – A flowerful Wonderland

Favorite Museum / Exhibition about Travel/Transport (Review in 2019):
Bergisch Historic Trams Wuppertal

The historic trams of Wuppertal North of Cologne are just amazing. It is not just a museum, you can also ride a selection of the historic cars. If you are around, I can only highly recommend them!

Bergisch Historic Trams Wuppertal


Favorite Museum / Exhibition (other topics, Review in 2019):
National Postal Museum, Washington D.C.

I personally fest that my visit at the National Postal Museum in Washington was just very special. You just don’t expect too much but a couple of stamps here – but the museum tells you so many historic and social aspects, it is just lovely to be there. And to make it even better: the admission is free.

National Postal Museum (Washington)


Best Airport Hotel:
Hilton Munich Airport

Hilton Munich Airport was very close to be nominated as the best hotel of my 2019 reviews. Another Hilton Hotel made it, but there was no doubt that Hilton Munich Airport will be my best airport hotel experience. The hotel even offers a 12 meter pool and sauna – just amazing. Great location, nice staff, fantastic breakfast – that’s just what you need before or after boarding a flight!

Hilton Munich Airport


Best Hotel – Value For Money:
Motel One Glasgow

Motel One in Glasgow did not get a Top Pick! rating from me due to massive internet problems I had there – but apart from that, they gave great service for a very nice price at a great location. If you are on a city trip, I can absolutely recommend the place to you.

Motel One Glasgow


Best Hotel:
Conrad Hotel Dubai

I had Conrad Hotel Dubai in November 2019 for the first time – and it was just a real treat! (honestly another stay in 2020 is already booked…). Great location, great service, amazing breakfast and a lovely pool area – what a great way to spent some time!

Conrad Dubai


Hidden Gem of the Year 2019:
Platform Zero Chamberi – The Ghost Metro Station in Madrid

I visited a couple of places during 2019, which were quite unique and maybe not too easy to find in travel guides. The Metro Station Chamberi, where trains just pass through nowadays, shows the subway life in the earlier days in a catching way. If you have the time, put that one on your list for a Madrid visit definitely!

Platform 0 Chamberí – A Madrid Metro Ghost Station


The Best New Features in 2019

I feel there should still be some postings and enhancements which I explicitly mention, because I am especially proud of them. Thus, here are three top enhancements to, based on my very own and very subjective view:

  • My top add-on to the website is definitely the on a Map view I added in December. Not just because it took a lot of work – I really believe that this is a lot of added value to you users of the website.
  • I am a music lover – and I am proud that I did my first concert photos during 2019. A huge thanks to Sound of Nashville, Twinnie, Mrs. Greenbird and Wizard Promotion, who trusted in me – hope I could pay it back properly.
  • Also on the music side of, I feel that the Country Music Playlists are working well and at least lead to some feedback. Especially on Amazon Music, it is hard to track how many people in fact like what I am doing, but I hope you are enjoying!

I worked very hard the last weeks to update and upgrade the website (some of that is visible, some currently not yet), so I hope you enjoy surfing on the website.


And finally…

My Favorite Posting 2019:

Mount Washington & the Pittsburgh Inclines

I just wanted to share my impressions as quickly as possible with you after I returned from Pittsburgh in December 2019. Watching down to my hockey home town city in the night is just magical – and riding the inclines just a lovely step back in time. I just enjoyed it that much – so glad I could share it with you. So many emotions in it that this is my favorite posting of the year. Hope you like it!

Mount Washington and the Pittsburgh Inclines


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