Following The Pittsburgh Penguins in March 2022 (Preview)

Two years without visiting the United States are about to come to an end: in March 2022, I had planned a trip to follow my favorite ice hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, for a series of five matches. Unfortunately, match schedule changes finally “just” lead to four matches I am able to attend. This is my preview and overview posting about the trip, which will be featured in a travel diary, which I call Trip Reports.


Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 – The Matches

The key reason to do this ten day trip are of course the hockey matches. There are three new arenas to me. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 impacts, there have been schedule changes in the NHL before the trip, which also impact me twice: On 10th March 2022, I have originally been scheduled to see the Penguins at UBS Arena. Now, the New York Islanders face Columbus. The Pittsburgh vs. Carolina match has been shifted from 18:00 to 13:00 hrs, which lead to some reductions in my intended sightseeing in the Altoona area.

Date Match (home vs. away) Arena
10.03.2022 New York Islanders vs. Columbus Blue Jackets UBS Arena
11.03.2022 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Vegas Golden Knights PPG Paints Arena
13.03.2022 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes PPG Paints Arena
15.03.2022 Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Bridgestone Arena
17.03.2022 St. Louis Blues vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Enterprise Center


Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 – The Flights

Quite a lot of commuting is required for that trip. I originally had planned to fly to New York via Vienna, but had a couple of re-booking actions. The transports within the United States will be done by American Airlines tickets.

Date Flight from to
10.03.2022 LH 3597 Cologne Rail (QKU) Frankfurt (FRA – Rail)
10.03.2022 LH 400 Frankfurt (FRA) New York (JFK)
11.03.2022 AA 4608 New York (LGA) Pittsburgh (PIT)
14.03.2022 AA 4464 Pittsburgh (PIT) Charlotte (CLT)
14.03.2022 AA 1819 Charlotte (CLT) Nashville (BNA)
19.03.2022 LH 9089 Nashville (BNA) Washington Dulles (IAD)
19.03.2022 LH 419 Washington Dulles (IAD) Frankfurt (FRA)
20.03.2022 LH 3532 Frankfurt (FRA – Rail) Cologne Rail (QKL)

The US domestic flights are all business class, apart from AA 1819, which does not feature that class. The outbound intercontinental is a Premium Economy booking, while I upgraded LH 419 to Business Class. The first and last leg are Lufthansa Express Rail services and in fact operated by German Rail. In order to have new insights into American airlines, airports and connections, I also plan to do the following flights, which are not necessary to follow the team:

Date Flight from to
13.03.2022 4B 840 Altoona (AOO) Pittsburgh (PIT)
13.03.2022 4B 841 Pittsburgh (PIT) Altoona (AOO)
16.03.2022 9K 1109 Marion (MWA) St. Louis (STL)
16.03.2022 9K 1109 St. Louis (STL) Marion (MWA)

The four flights are all driven under the Essential Air Services (EAS), which connect areas with lower aviation infrastructures to major hubs. The flights are highly subsidized ad are thus very attractive for aviation nerds like me. The Altoona to Pittsburgh direct return is thereby serviced by Boutique Air, who are mainly operating their services with Pilatus business jet planes. I could not take the flight due to icy runway delays (see Day 4). The flights from and to Marion Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois are driven by Cape Air. For each airline, this trip is the first time flying with them for me. Altoona (AOO), Marion (MWA) and St. Louis (STL) are new airports to me as well (all airports on my “regular” trip are well-known to me).


The intended stays for the trip are (links will be added once the review has been completed – the Altoona Hotel will quite likely not be featured in a full review as I have to leave there very early – thus it is shown in italics):


Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 – Travel Highlights

Apart from the two nerd flights with Cape Air and Boutique Air, I am especially looking forward to be at St. Louis for the first time. The St. Louis Arch is on my bucket list for ages. I also look forward to enhance my portfolio on Nashville travel postings – the website is too thin in regards of Music City. Last, but not least, being back to Pittsburgh is of course very special to me. I am aiming to add some coverage on the city as well.


Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 – Day By Day

Below is the list of all episodes I like to share with you. Once they are available, I will add a link here.


Banner based on a wallpaper issued by the Pittsburgh Penguins


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