Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum

Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum

18 USD


4.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice presentation
  • Superb people
  • A lot of original items Cons

  • Rather small exhibition space

Yeah, I am a Penguins fan and that’s the thing which makes me travel to Pittsburgh regularly. Nonetheless, I also like the other professional sports arenas in Steel City. During my last visit in March 2023, I finally visited Acrisure Stadium (better don’t ask the locals for that one… Like myself, they still call it Heinz Field). First I had the Stadium Highlight tour, then I visited the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum. Even though I am not too deeply into American Football, I was really curious how this place about Pittsburgh’s NFL team would be like.


Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum – Location & Admission

Admission to the Pittsburgh is on the very Northeast corner of the stadium. You have to pass an airport style security scan. The group is gathered and from there you take the elevator to Level 1, where the Hall of Honor Museum is located. Daytime non-event parking is available in huge volumes for affordable prices (also due to the proximity of PNC Park) and should be available for roughly 8 USD. In addition, Pittsburgh light rail connects for free to Downtown (charges after leaving Downtown Pittsburgh).

Admission to the museum come with certain time slots. During my visit in March 2023, there were a couple of time slots per day. The rationale is that you first watch an introductory movie together in the theater, before you can explore the museum and the Hall of Honor on your own. Some of the time slots are coordinated in a way that you can do the Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour beforehand or after your visit. Adult admission during my time of visit was 18 USD for the museum only.


Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum – The Visit

As said, before you enter the in-fact museum, there is a small movie theater showing a nicely made movie about the history of the Steelers (a bit on the self-marketing side, of course). The runtime of the movie is 13 minutes. The stages of the museum are more or less chronological, starting with the very beginnings of American Football in Pittsburgh in general, even before the Steelers franchise has been founded. Thereby, the museum features a lot of original exhibits as well as interactive screens, where you can dig deeper into certain topics you are interested in. There are also quite a lot of museum employees around.

The exhibits in the museum parts are quite versatile, starting from the original office and work desk of their former owner and finishing with playbooks. There is even an original dental implant of one of the former players – lucky you that the picture did not work our. Keeping in mind that I am not that closely addicted to the Steelers, I overall spend quite a lot of time in the museum, way over an hour. However, one rationale for that has been that I had a lot of chats with staff members. There is also a commentary booth, where you can do your own coverage of big Steelers moments – you can send it back home by e-mail for free.

Hall of Honor

One of the latest stages of the visit to the museum is the hall of honor. You can either walk along the wall and try to spot your idols – or look them up at one of the interactive screens. The latter also gives you the opportunity for some additional information. After visiting the Hall of Honor, you walk across a room which allows you to compare with Steelers’ athletes (e.g. Can you jump as high as xxx?), before you head back to the starting point on ground level by the elevator on your own.


Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum – Services

The staff was superb. You could feel that they do their work with a lot of pride. They were also very open-minded about questions, which was very helpful. The tour departs and end right at the Steelers Store in Acrisure Stadium. I will feature some snaps of it in my stadium tour posting.


Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum – My View

I really enjoyed visiting the Hall of Honor. The stories the museum tells and the people who help telling them to visitors give it a very special atmosphere. Even if that sports is not your best sports love (I would agree in that about myself…), it is also interesting to see how a US professional sports team has been founded and develops with ups and downs. Not the largest US sports museum out there, but a really nicely done one. in Pittsburgh

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