Seven Things I look forward to do in the United States again

In addition to the very personal new Songs of My Life category, I feel like having a bit more blogging contents on This posting is simply about what I love to do or buy when being in the United States. For this year, there I had a total of six trips to North America scheduled, plus any additional trip to support my Pittsburgh Penguins or to visit country music friends in Nashville. Finally, Covid-19 will melt down to one trip, my support of the Penguins during their three West Coast matches in February / March 2020. The more, I really miss the USA and my friends there. Here is the Top 7 of things I look forward to do when back again.


My Top 7 Things I miss in the States

Here are the Top 7 things I am looking forward to do when back in the States:


7. Buy Gel Deodorant

There are very different entries in this list – events, places… and material stuff. Believe it or not if you are from the States – but we really do have different kinds of deodorant. The German classic is likely still a spray, but many people also use deodorant, where a liquid is applied on your body with a ball. Solid deodorant is known and available, but not super-popular.I just love that gel thing and feel it is most handy.


6. Eating a Cheesesteak

There are a couple of dishes which are just by far better in the States compared to Europe. One very prominent example is Mexican food – there is a huge quality gap between the two sides of the Ocean. My favorite US dish, however, is Cheesesteak. The thin-cut steak in a roll is just amazing over there. Hope to have it again soon. I have to give in that there is one thing which is really great about Philly… 🙂


5. Buying / Eating Payday

Let’s stay at the foodie side of life. My favorite snack is called Payday, which is a combination of caramel and peanuts. Sounds a bit like Snickers – but there are two key differences: first of all, Payday does not come with any kind of chocolate. On top of that, the peanuts in the (soft) caramel are salted. My wife hates it – I feel it is simply yummy!


4. Gaming at Dave & Buster’s

One of the favorite things I love to do to relax in the United States is to visit Dave & Bustersa nationwide franchise (even with two Canadian outlets near Toronto), which is combining an arcade with a sports bar. My Dave & Buster’s credits are loaded, just hope to have some nice gaming over there soon again.


3. Weird Al Yankovic

Before the pandemic, there were some rumors that Weird Al Yankovic and his band might even do a World Tour again in 2021. Hard to imagine currently that there will be any concerts of them so quickly. Thus, I still think about the August 2019 show in Indianapolis – the last one I visited.


2. Nashville

Chances for a CMA Fest 2021 are realistically very, very low – but just being back in the city, feeling the country music spirit, walking the Broadway… Hope that this will be somehow possible during 2021. Last, but not least, I am deeply missing my friends over there, wonderful people like Lauren Jenkins, Sarah Darling, Carolyn Miller and so many more…


1. My Pittsburgh Penguins

It’s my town, it’s my team… It’s my second sports apart from floorball. The Pittsburgh Penguins are just on the top of my list. Hopefully I am back soon with some matches at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh – but even being abroad like on my recent West Coast Trip would be great. Traveling with that club just means so much to me.


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