Naughty or Nice? – The Country Christmas Playlist 2023

And then, it were three. I already shared Christmas songs by country artists twice as a playlist. For the Country Christmas Playlist 2021, the first entries were already release in September. For the 2022 edition, it felt that the kick-off was a bit later. Also for 2023, later releases feel to be trending. Nonetheless, I now have a bunch of songs available and felt it is time to share them with you – enjoy the special holiday sound! Country Christmas Playlist 2023 – What’s In?

I did not change the rules about which song I put in too much. Some things did not work out in the past, so that I went for a slightly more relaxed entry to the playlist.

I set up the playlist as follows:

  • I only deal with 2023 releases. I started to collect Country Christmas tracks in October this year. A 2023 release is either a single release or an album, I will try no ignore deluxe albums, limited editions, special upgrades and all this over-commercial stuff as I generally don’t like to support them. I will, however, include singles of these upgrades (otherwise, Dolly would be out this year)
  • I try to limit the presence of one song per release. So far, I tried to rather limit to one artist – but to be honest, it simply did not work out. Thus, any single, EP and album release (if matching the criteria) is represented by an entry. In case there are is a single and an EP / album release in parallel, I will only go for the single.
  • I tried to prefer originals over Christmas classic covers. Nonetheless, there will be several versions of the same Christmas classic, performed by different artists, this year.
  • The songs are more or less in chronological order of release. If a or Featured Artist is releasing a Christmas song, I will push that song to the top of the list.
  • I did not filter for any matter of my musical taste – this leads to a pretty wide range of tracks. I am still sure I missed some releases. Again, if there are songs which I feel to be absolutely inappropriate and cheesy, I might skip that. Finally, if you feel that I missed “your” song, I might just have missed it. The closer we approach Christmas, the longer the list of Christmas songs will be.

Of course, I am always happy to have some feedback from you, whether you like that idea.


The Country Christmas 2023 Playlist

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Country Music Christmas

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