The Country Music Playlists – The First Ten Weeks

Some ten weeks weeks ago, I added another feature to the Country Music Playlists on Amazon and Spotify allows visitors of the website to listen to “my” country music. I felt that this may be an interesting way to transport the Nashville feeling to those of you, who might not have been with the genre too much yet – or who just know John Denver’s good old classic one. Now, after ten weeks, I felt to have a first look back to the lists. You find the current selection of songs on a dedicated page on this blog in the Music & Media menu. You may also use the Spotify widget for a preview:


Country Music Playlists – A short history of ten weeks

The intention of the playlists was to promote the genre. I wanted to have a playlist, which is interesting for country music lovers, with old and new tracks – but I also wanted to illustrate the broad variety within the family of country music songs. To me, this is still the hardest part. Typically, the five songs I choose to be new part of the playlists are just happening during the week, by listening to songs, reviewing albums or going to concerts. Spotting the five songs to leave the playlist feels much harder to me. There were a couple of songs which I aimed to kick out the next Sunday – and then they made it three, four more weeks just because it was not the right time.

Did I find a good mix? Did I have sufficient European acts in the list? Some newcomers? That is of course up to you. In Spotify, I see the number of followers for the list, which is still quite low (five) – there is no tracking on Amazon. The feedback via Twitter and Facebook, when I introduce new songs, is very positive though. And finally, I typically listen to the playlist by myself multiple times a week – so it cannot be all bad 😉 I of course appreciate any kind of feedback!


Country Music Playlists – Outstanding Songs and Artists

With the today’s (3rd November 2019) update of the playlists, I presented ninety songs on the country music playlist. There are still seven songs, which have been part of the playlist from the very beginning, namely:

Social Babies by Twinnie

So Good It Hurts by Olivia Lane

Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs

Call Me by Sarah Darling

Look What God Gave Her by Thomas Rhett

Fat and Famous by Ashley McBryde

Heads Carolina, Tails California by Jo Dee Messina

Furthermore, Vic Allen, Riley Green, Lauren Jenkins and Carolyn Miller were constantly in the playlists, but with different songs. Vic Allen is the only artist I selected so far with three different songs. Overall, there were acts from five countries, USA, Canada, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Germany, in the playlist.


The Playlists – Links

I typically listen to music via Amazon Unlimited. I however added Spotify as it is likely used by more people – and there is a limited free version of it, in contrast to Amazon. The song updates are presented every Sunday on the Country Music Playlist page. The links below take you to the two playlists:





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