#TrueAthletes Classics Leverkusen 2024 – Field Events

After the 2023 edition of the #TrueAthletes Classics took place at the end of July, TSV Bayer Leverkusen hosted their athletics event some two months earlier in 2024. On 25th May 2024, German and few world elite athletes gathered in the Rhineland region and took one of their steps towards the European Athletics Championships in Rome and the Olympic Games in Paris. Here is the first part of my coverage, focusing on the field events.

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#TrueAthletes Classics 2024 – Field Events

The 2024 edition of the athletics meeting only had four jumping disciplines on the field. There were no throwing disciplines. Especially during the end of the meeting, I really missed those. In that time, the unavoidable gap between two track heats made that event feel a bit of lengthy.


Pole Vault (Men)

For the first thirty minutes of the meeting starting at 13:00, men’s pole vault was the only active discipline.  The event started with a lot of trouble. Latvian Valters Kreiss already needed three attempts to pass the bar at 5.17m, four jumpers needed this final try over the next height, 5:32m. Britain’s Harry Coppell failed here. Thereafter, the competition went smoother. Four of the seven athletes werestill left at 5.67m. Finally, this was the final height passed for US-American Cole Walsh, who finished third. In a German battle for the victory, local Torben Blech was the only athlete to pass 5.82m, which is equivalent with the norm to qualify for the Olympics. Bo Kanda Lita Baehre placed second with 5.77m.


Triple Jump (Women)

Half an hour later, the women’s triple jump kicked off. With one athlete retiring, there were only four ones left. Despite taking the two last places, Germans Sophie Ullrich and Edna Eze were happy to improve their personal best distance. With just one centimeter more than Ullrich, Swedish Emelie Nyman Wänseth took the second place. Kira Wittmann (Germany, 13.41m) dominated the competition. Any of her four valid attempts would have been sufficient to win in Leverkusen.


High Jump (Men)

As the men’s high jump took place during the only phase in which there was a bit more action at Stadion Manfort, Two German athletes bowed out quickly. Florian Horning did not make the opening height of 2.05m, Mateusz Przybylko retired after passing 2.10m. With a best height of 2.18m both, Italian Manuel Lando became third-placed, right in front of Swedish Fabian Delryd. Eugenio Meloni’s personal best of 2.21m was just enough for the second place. The brightest smile was on Mexican Yair Portillo, who passed the bar at 2.24m as the only competitor.


Long Jump (Women)

Due to my friendship with Indian tennis, I was really looking forward to the women’s long jump featuring Indian Shaili Singh. However, she had quite a gap away from her personal best and finally finished eighth (6.18m) in the nine athlete competition. One of Germany’s premier long jumpers, Laura Raquel Müller, won in Leverkusen with 6.61m. Caroline Klein got close to her personal best, but 6.39m “just” meant the second place. The third spot was taken by Maja Askag from Sweden, who had 6.34m in her very first attempt.


#TrueAthletes Classics 2024 – Track Events

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#TrueAthletes Classics 2024 – Field Events Gallery

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