The Renewed Country Music Playlists

The seizure of operation by made it necessary to reform my country music playlists. I already mentioned this one in the posting linked above as of December 2023. During Christmas time, The key issue is finally that I will have a more biased and significantly more limited view on country music releases in the future, on the album side as well as on the single side. It will also create significantly more work to scan for new country releases (which typically took me a few hours every Friday already).

As it took me longer than expected to put some structural changes to the website, I am now finally able to  share my thoughts with you how I will change the country playlist services for you in the future. Here is my overview – I am very happy to discuss with you and integrate your thoughts.


Closed Playlists and Categories

As I am cut off from quick, reliable and comprehensive new release lists, I will go for the following changes:

  • I will no longer update the New Country Playlists. Thiis definitely hurts, as it has been your most popular playlist
  • Very likely, there will no longer be Country Christmas Playlists. Especially during 2023, I got quite a bunch of feedback on them, so that it is a shame as well

All these things may, of course, change if I find a source similar to Every Noise at Once or if that project can be reincarnated. Other new release postings, especially the Songs of the Week, are not impacted, as I can make use of other sources and promotion platforms.


Impact to the Country Music Playlists

The Country Music Playlists will take the leading role of my playlists. In order to give you a better service there, I decided to upgrade the capacity:

  • The number of songs in the Country Music Playlists will be increased from 40 to 50. If I see that this is not pleasing, I might upgrade even further. I will do so by gradually adding more songs to the list the next weeks than I will remove.
  • Once I reached the target capacity, I aim to add and remove eight songs each weekend.
  • The additional slots are aiming to be covered by new song releases.
  • Once I reached the full capacity and if I manage the technical changes in the meantime, I will likely change the order of entries, so that the last entry is on the top of the playlist, not on the bottom, as it is now.


Impact to Other Playlists and Publication Dates

In general, other playlists are not envisaged to be impacted. However,

  • I would love to move the publication dates of the two key playlists. Ideally, I would love to for a Songs of the Week release on Saturday and a Country Music Playlists update on Sunday. However, the Songs of the Week post is likely the most demanding periodic one on the website. Thus, I am not sure if I can make it.
  • I would like to give you more specialist playlist like the one I created for my recent Andreas Dorau posting. This explicitly includes country music artists and topics.

In general, I feel that I improved the set of playlists quite significantly the last months. I thus gave you a list of all playlists I published and – sometimes – regularly update, in here:

The Playlist Overview


Postings about

I sometimes write about the development of this blog, upgrades and other internal topics:


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