Car Rental Review – Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – Toyota Camry

Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA)



4.4/5 Pros

  • Good car
  • Friendly service Cons

  • Wrong mileage in invoice

After I had a car rental with Avis at Nashville Airport (BNA) in March 2022, I went for a rental with Alamo at the same place just some five months later. I have been very curious about this experience beforehand, as booking Alamo from Germany directly already confused me a few times. In August 2022, it has been an easy one: similar to the March experience, I used a German broker, as they typically have much better rates. Here is my review.


Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – The Rental

I had a four day rental, Monday to Friday evening, with Alamo. The rental was handled by a German broker, Cars and Camper, which is linked to the travel provider FTI. The rate included all insurance and mileage. Due to a Covid-19 infection, I had to go for this rental rather late, in early June. The rate was 451 EUR. I had to pay it immediately, but it was refundable until the day before the rental. The provider in the USA was Alamo at their Nashville Airport (BNA) office. The car category I booked was full-size.


Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – Location & Office

Tbe pictures of the Alamo rental office at BNA don’t surprise too much, if you have had a look into my Avis review before. The rental car offices are located at the arrivals level in 2022 and will move one level down in 2023, when the renovation of Nashville Airport (BNA) is finally more advanced. Alamo’s airport office was not staffed so that I had to head at their office right in the rental car parking garage.


Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – Receiving The Car

I arrived from Kansas City on the Monday evening, just slightly after the British Airways flight from London. Thus, there were quite some European customers in front of me  in the line. Alamo seems to be a very popular travel agency partner for European guests nowadays. Even thought the rental process thus took some ten to fifteen minutes, it overall went very smooth. I also just had to wait for the car for a few minutes, as they were running low on full-sized ones. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Similar to the Avis booking, they also did not try to sell me unnecessary insurance and stuck with the coverage I already paid in Germany.


Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – Returning The Car

The return process went very smoothly. The signs at Nashville Airport work very well. The return check of the car was also quick and efficient. You should maybe note that there is no gas station on the Nashville Airport grounds. I filled up the Toyota Camry close to the Red Roof Plus Nashville Airport, where I stayed the last two nights of my trip in August 2022. Interestingly, the invoice I received at return gave the wrong mileage of the car (which is irrelevant anyway).


The Car – Toyota Camry

For this rental, Alamo provided me with a Toyota Camry. The car was absolutely fine for my purpose of exploring Greater Nashville. The Camry came in great condition and with a low mileage. However, there was no GPS or similar amenities.


Alamo Nashville Airport (BNA) – My View

The second car rental at Nashville in 2022 – and after a very good Avis experience, Alamo gave me a very pleasing time as well. The car and service were very good, the facilities at the airport are efficient.  Thanks for a very good rental, Alamo!


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