Following The Pittsburgh Penguins in March 2022 (Day 6, 15th March 2022)

No flight this day, but therefor, the match I was likely looking forward to most on this Pittsburgh Penguins March 2022 trip: my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins face the Nashville Predators. A clash of the likely two most favorite places in the United States. What a match-up – and a lot of cool country music.


Lounge Breakfast

Starting the day at Hilton Nashville Downtown: I had the option to choose between the breakfast in the Executive Lounge (which also means: it is for free) or the breakfast buffet (use my credit / pay). I went for the lounge start of the day, also as I saw the alternative from above. Absolutely fine and quick way to get into a day. A lot of stuff was ahead of me that day.


A Country Music Legend

Nashville can feel really lonely if you are on your own on Broadway with all the alien people around. At 9:00 hrs in the morning, it feels lonely as well with the empty street. I first headed to the famous 17 steps (some of them marked on the ground) between the stage door of the Ryman Auditorium and the Tootsie’s.

The Ryman Auditorium was the first stop of my day. Interesting to see the legendary venue (which feels quite comfy, despite the wooden seats). Would love to see Weird Al Yankovic on his 2022 tour there – but I will be in Nashville the week after, unfortunately.


About Predators and Parking

I had a quick stop back in the hotel and took the opportunity to have a look into Bridgestone Arena and the Locker Room Predators store. Always interesting to browse through all the merch stuff. From there, I headed uphill – towards Capitol Hill, where some of the Tennessee governmental institutions are located.

One thing I recognized during my trip: Nashville is so full of parking spots – even despite of ridiculously high parking fees. Daily fees of 40 USD and more are not rare as a standard rate – the more I don’t understand that they do not support the Riverside train station stronger. But… People pay for it. It is just a bit of annoying, how much parking space this city is consuming.


Amazing Capitol Hill, Pt. 1 – About Justice

I headed up to the Capitol Hill area, where quite some governmental institutions are located. The area is quite hilly, which you can also see on the Sheraton Grand Hotel entrance picture.

The first stop I had is a hidden gem, the Tennessee Judiciary Museum, located within the Supreme Court. A small, but very unique and great place to visit.


Amazing Capitol Hill, Pt. 2 – In the Tennessee Parliament

The day had some real great visits, but being able to be inside the Capitol on a self-guided tour was my favorite. I could even step into the Tennessee House of Representatives and the Tennessee Senate, which I felt to be a great honor as a visitor.You also have some nice views from the terraces.


Honoring Musicians

All the places I visited are in relatively short distance to each other. I passed by the Municipal Auditorium (which feels a bit of run down, but is still in use), as the lower part of it hosts the really interesting and interactive Musicians Hall of Fame. A place which is not about the big stars in the middle of stage, but the guys who actually do the music. Really interesting place – and one of so many in Nashville which is honoring Johnny Cash…


Nashville’s Most Famous Alley

Printers Alley in fact hosted printing facilities in the past, nowadays, it is one of the most famous nightlife places in the city. A lot of bars in the narrow alley – maybe not the most thrilling place during daytime, but I felt to take you on this short walk as well.


Amber Delacruz said “No” to Honky-Tonk Hopping

I just wanted to walk along Broadway and do some stuff in the hotel. In the pictures below, you see some of the typical Nashville party vehicles, pedal bars, pick ups and other rolling part places. I personally don’t like them. I talked in the Day 5 posting about many stars having their bar in Central Nashville. One of the weirdest places is a Nashville bar with live music driven by Taco Bell. I grabbed a cookie at the lovely Mattheessen’s. Delicious!

When I walked along Jason Aldean’s bar, a voice simply caught me and I felt to have a drink in their ground floor stage. Finally, there have been some more and I stayed some 90 minutes in the place. I just loved to listen to Amber Delacruz and her performance there. Again, just as a indicative metric, she has over 10,000 followers on Instagram – and you get her music for some drinks and a tip in the tip jar. Unfortunately, cover songs – but it was great fun to listen to her.


Music City vs. Hockey Home Town – Music Wins

The match between the Nashville Predators and my Penguins was definitely the match I looked forward to most. I even felt a bit of nervous before the match. Bridgestone Arena is a nice place, even though I felt that the other arenas on this trip so far have been better. Weird thing: the fans throw a fish on the ice before the match.

The match… No comment… 36 Penguins shots on goal, one goal, was just not enough. I did not even feel that the Penguins had a lot of good chances. Only in the third period, Nashville’s goaltender Juuse Saros should some great saves. Pittsburgh did too many mistakes, well-deserved 1-4 loss on the road – let’s do better in St. Louis. I had a short look out to the Broadway after the match, but it finally felt too crowded for me out there.



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