Money Museum (Kansas City)

Kansas City Money Museum

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4.5/5 Pros

  • Very interesting and educating exhibition
  • Lift a real gold bar
  • Free admission

While I already took you to some key attractions of Kansas City, the local Money Museum is likely not on the very top of your list. However, the good location and free admission might turn it to an interesting spot while visiting the city. I take you on a visit.


Money Museum – Location & Admission

The Money Museum is located on the North side of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The building is located on the Southern end of Liberty Memorial Mall. On the North of the street, there is the National WWI Museum and the Liberty Memorial Tower. The shortest connection with public transport is the Union Station stop right next to the lovely Kansas City Union Station. Getting there by Kansas City Streetcar is free.

The Money Museum is opening from Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 16:00. There are closures due to bank holidays, though. During your visit, you may use the free visitor parking space of the Federal Reserve Bank. Admission to the building is free.


Money Museum – The Visit

The atmosphere in the museum is lovely. A key part of the museum is about the history of money, especially the history of the US Dollar. A key part of it is the Harry S. Truman coin collection, which is featuring US dollar coins throughout the history of the country. It is really fun to stroll along the showcase, not only because it has some really rare exhibits. For example, there is a 1907 Double Eagle.

Other parts of the museum illustrate how to make money. The explanation in English is easy to understand and can also be visited by school groups and people of similar young age. Part of this exhibition section is also The History of Inflation. Another part teaches you about how to identify counterfeits. You can also get in touch with a some 12kg gold bar, which is a quite unique experience as well.


Money Museum – Services

There is a small museum shop, which is especially offering some literature. Children can Design your own coin. Apart from that, any visitor may take a bag of shredded, de-validated US dollar notes as a free gift.


Money Museum – My View

I really liked the Money Museum in Kansas City. Especially the coin collection is fascinating, but also the other parts of the museum are very interesting and well done. You should at least allow for some one hour if you visit the museum. As the World War I Museum is a must-visit in the city, I would definitely put this place on your bucket list as well.


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