Lost Caverns Adventure Golf Orlando

Lost Caverns Adventure Golf Orlando

14 / 21 USD (one course / both courses)


4.0/5 Pros

  • 36 holes, some very challenging
  • Good presentation
  • Good location Cons

  • Not overwhelmingly motivated staff

There are so many mini golf, black light golf and adventure golf places in and around Orlando – you could easily spend a few days trying out all of them if you are in Florida. Lost Caverns is, however, one of the most famous ones. As I had the opportunity to use some discount platform, I was really curious to play a round there during my Weird Al Yankovic tour-chasing in October 2022. Here is my review.


Lost Caverns – Location & Admission

Lost Caverns is located right at the Northern part of International Drive, not too far away from Fun Spot Orlando and Universal. The parking and the courses are a bit away from traffic, which overall leads to a more quiet atmosphere. In general, Orlando is a car destination. However, especially along International Drive, public bus services work quite well and the station International Dr and Visitors Circle (lines 8, 38, 42) is just a few steps away.

Lost Caverns is opening daily from 10:00 to 23:00. Friday to Sunday, the close at midnight. The adult admission for one course is 14 USD. Both courses combined are 21 USD.


Lost Caverns – Atmosphere

Despite the courses are right next to a large parking lot, the atmosphere is really nice. The operating company uses a lot of decorative and atmospheric elements, the area is quite hilly and the maintenance of the course is really good.


Lost Caverns – The Courses

Lost Caverns offers two courses, the gold course and the purple one. I played the golden one and then had a look walking along the purple one. The courses are made of very short artificial turf, which is very fast and thus needs quite some precision. Some of the holes like the third one, which is partially placed along an artificial waterfalls is coming with moist ground, which is leading to different characteristics. Most holes are rather straight-forward, but challenging. You have water obstacles in a couple of more opportunities, like in the ninth hole, which makes you cross a waterfall and then go downhill.

One characteristic, which makes it easier to play, though, is that the stones bordering the course feel to dampen the reflection of the ball comparably strongly. This makes it easier to play some of the lanes, especially if they are speed-critical, like uphill and downhill ones. Especially the second half of the course has some nice elements, like water holes, tunnels, holes, which offer you different routes to reach the target etc. The last hole even offers you to play the ball through a waterfall.

Purple Course

The purple course is easier to play. For example, there are less spots where the direction given by the terrain does not match the direction given by the course. Nonetheless, the 18 holes come with some challenges. There are also some similar elements, like one course built through a tunnel underneath one of the artificial waterfalls. The artificial turf is very wet here. You have to mention that despite the holes as such might be easier, the purple course offers some nice views of Orlando, due to its elevated position.


Lost Caverns – Services

In general, Lost Caverns offers gators in display and gator food. I generally don’t do that – and during my visit, they also did not seem to want to offer it to me. In general, the staff at the cashier was rather neutral, compared to a typical US customer and service experience.


Lost Caverns – My View

Lost Caverns offers two nice adventure golf courses with 18 holes each. The price is in line with typical Florida pricing, the presentation is nice and especially the golden course offers some decent challanges. Thus, I feel that this place is definitely worth a stop with some friends and doing some sports while in Florida.


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