A St. Louis Blues Match at Enterprise Center

Enterprise Center St. Louis



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice location
  • Good food option
  • Friendly atmosphere Cons

  • A bit of old

The last match of my Pittsburgh Penguins trip in March 2022 – being at the St. Louis Blues in their Enterprise Center was definitely special. This Day 8 of my trip was the very first time I visited St. Louis at all – and I was also looking forward to see a match in this sports-addicated city in Missouri. Here is my arena review.


Enterprise Center – Location & Traffic

The Enterprise Center is located very centrally in St. Louis, just slightly West of the city center. Some key sights of the city are in walking distance, for example the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station, Busch Stadium or the iconic St. Louis Arch. There is also a theater and a park right next to the arena. I stayed at the OYO Hotel St. Louis Downtown. Door-to-door, this was a three minute walking distance – and the hotel has been actually much better than I expected.

The traffic connections to Enterprise Center are almost ideal. The St. Louis Gateway Transportation Center is right across the road. It features train and bus connection (local bus and Greyhound coach services) and also has a connection to the St. Louis Metro Line. There is also quite some parking around. My hotel offered overnight parking, so that I am not too aware of typical parking admission fees in St. Louis.


Enterprise Center – Arena & Ticket Situation

Enterprise Center was opened in 1994. It is currently home of the St. Louis Blues ice hockey team as well as the NCAA team of the Saint Louis University Billikens. The capacity for ice hockey matches is 19,250, while there are some 22,600 for basketball. The naming deal with the car rental company runs until 2033. The arena feels a bit of old fashioned, but it is rather convenient. The aisles are quite wide, so that it overall feels very comfortable.

I had very central tickets, almost above the central line, in the lower rank. The Penguins are typically a rather attractive opponent (i.e.: higher ticket prices), so that the total price of 213 USD was fine. Ticket situation felt doable. St. Louis loves their blues – but as long as there is baseball in parallel, the skaters need to share the love with the ballgame lovers.


Enterprise Center – Atmosphere

The pre-game atmosphere was quite nice. I loved that they had live music in the arena and I could even meet with the Blues’ mascot. People were really relaxed. There was quite a bit of support in the arena during the match, even when the crowds was not attracted to shout or clap their hands. I also liked that they announced the players of the guest team – which I feel should be normal behavior.


Enterprise Center – Food & Shopping

Enterprise Center offers quite some nice options for dining. There is also a small food court alike area. If you are very early, they have super-cheap beer – but the price is changing quickly. I had a pizza, which was quite nice. Finally, I just was too tempted to try the German-style “bratwurst” (grilled sausage). Hmm, sorry, need to say, I never had a sausage like this over here – but it was not bad at all. Of course, you could also spend some funds on merchandise – the store is, however, not as fancy as in other locations.


St. Louis Blues at Enterprise Center – My View

My last ice hockey match of the whole trip was actually a nice experience. The connections are run and even though the arena is a bit of old already, it gets the job done. The people are really nice, the atmosphere is good. Not too special, but also not on the negative side. I really liked it at the St. Louis Blues.


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