Five Years of – My 20 Most Popular Travel Posts (so far…)

Damn, it is already four years… And it is more than 2,750 postings since then. On 25th February 2018, I started regular posts on The first ones might be rather poor – and the initial generation of reviews does still not have the new rating system – but I am really thankful for each and everyone of you who followed me from the beginning – or who started joining me some where in between.

Similar to the posting about my most popular music reviews, which I did after 400 media review postings in 2021 (which I have to update one day… There are more than thousand reviews nowadays…), I felt it is a nice opportunity to introduce you to your very own favorites – the most popular postings about travel topics. Here is my Top 20 in ascending order. I closed the final number of views at 9th February 2023 already (also due to all the traveling with the Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2023). Fun fact: even though it is the largest group of my travel posting, not a single hotel review made it into the Top 20. The most popular one, by the way, is the Novotel Dubai Al Barsha, which has roughly 4,000 views.


20. American Airlines Boeing 777 Flagship Business (5,248 Views)

The first posting on my list (or #20 in total) is another aviation experience. One of the rather many business class reviews which made it into my list. I know that some people don’t like the American Airlines Business Class that much – but I really loved it!

American Airlines Boeing 777 Flagship Business Class


19. Iberia Express A321 Business Class (5,260 Views)

I do like mainline Iberia’s business class – but they low-cost subsidiary experience is one of the worst experience I made in front of the cabin. Thus, this posting does touch the Top 20 – but is definitely not a Top 20 travel experience.

Iberia Express A321 Business Class


18. Expo 2020 – Garden in the Sky (5,283 Views)

I wonder how some of the postings made it to become so popular. The Garden In the Sky was a rotating viewing deck at the Expo 2020 (held in 2021) in Dubai. A nice place, but not that special.

Expo 2020 – Garden In The Sky


17. Emirates Palace Royal High Tea (5,481 Views)

A much more special experience in the United Arab Emirates is having high tea / afternoon tea at the amazing Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, all my overnights at the hotel are before my days… But at least, I could share this culinary experience with you. I love it!

Royal High Tea at the Emirates Palace


16 Air Canada Premium Rouge (5,633 Views)

I flew Air Canada Premium Rouge from Toronto Pearson (YYZ) to Curacao Airport. Air Canada Rouge is the holiday destination airline of Canada’s major airline. It is not luxury travel, but overall, my wife and I had a good time onboard.

Flying Air Canada Premium Rouge


15. Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai (5,667 Views)

Another U.A.E. experience – this time Dubai again. The Ibn Battuta Mall is a beautifully done shopping mall split into different areas representing different countries / regions. I really like it there – and feel happy that you are obviously interested in the share as well. 

Ibn Battuta Mall – My favourite Dubai Shopping Destination


14. Air Belgium Business Class from London to Dubai (6,113 Views)

When British Airways was low on capacity, they used Air Belgium as a wetlease carrier. I had a flight with them to Dubai (DXB) and overall had a quite nice experience.

Air Belgium Business Class from London to Dubai


13. Überlingen Plane Collision Memorials (6,204 Views)

This is one of the postings which amaze me that are so attractive to you. The reason is a sad plane collision over Lake Constance (Bodensee). I take you to the two key memorials for the victims of this 2002 aviation catastrophe.

Überlingen Plane Collision Memorials


12. Planespotting at In-N-Out Burger Los Angeles Airport (6,394 Views)

Okay, this one is a classic for every aviation nerd. Sitting outside with an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles and enjoying the landing planes. You just have to do it – and a lot of people do so every day (at least when the wind direction is right). Absolutely recommended spot.

Planespotting at In-N-Out Burger Los Angeles Airport


11. German Rail Lounge Frankfurt Airport (FRA) (6,458 Views)

Ain’t it interesting that the most popular lounge review (and the only one in this Top 10) is actually a rail lounge? The transformation German Rail took during the Covid-19 period was a massive upgrade to their premium waiting room at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Long Distance Rail Station.

German Rail Lounge / DB Lounge Frankfurt Airport (FRA)


10. Flying with Southern Airways Express (6,706 Views)

Essential Air Service flights, i.e. flights co-funded by the US-American state to help connecting worse connected regions, typically leads to very interesting aviation experience. The round trip with Southern Airways Express from Lancaster Airport (LNS) was definitely one of my best. And we even touched down at my hockey home town, at Pittsburgh Airport (PIT).

Flying with Southern Airways Express


9. The Eau de Cologne Giants – 4711 vs. Farina (7,452 Views)

I am really proud that this posting made it to the Top 10. It took quite a lot of effort to write a bit about the two competing Eau de Cologne companies, 4711 (which is more popular nowadays) and Farina (which are in fact the original). Over 7k views is not too bad, ain’t it? By the way, this one is the most favorite travel post regarding Germany… and my home town Cologne.

The Eau de Cologne Giants – 4711 vs. Farina


8. Frecciarossa 1000 Executive Class (7,590 Views)

The Frecciarossa Executive Class is quite likely as posh as scheduled rail travel in Europe can be. Some of you might be surprised that one of Europe’s finest rail services is in fact based in Italy. I love it!

Frecciarossa 1000 Executive Class


7. Swiss 330-300 Business Class (8,018 Views)

Typically, Swiss is known for its excellent service. However, on the flight covered during my review, I haven’t been completely happy with their performance.

Swiss A330-300 Business Class from Zurich to Dubai


6. TWG – My Favorite Tea Brand (8,370 Views)

There are not too many postings like this one on – and the popularity of my thoughts about TWG, especially at their home base in Singapore, suggests that I might be wrong. They are definitely a great part of a visit to the small city state – and a treat whenever you go for a cup of tea.

TWG – My Favorite Tea Brand


5. Flying with Helity (8,476 Views)

A very different kind of aviation: even though their cabin is rather narrow, flying with Helity in Spain was definitely a great experience – and you like it as well. Thanks for that!

Flying with Helity


4. Condor 767 Business Class (10,712 Views)

I would love to check out their new Airbus A330neo cabin – Germany’s most popular holiday flyer Condor has some quite old planes still in stock – but their new models are really great. The 767 is a bit too old-fashioned, but the service in the cabin is good.

Condor Boeing 767 Business Class from Toronto (YYZ) to Frankfurt (FRA)


3. Orlando – A Very Special McDonalds Experience (11,744 Views)

Having pizza at McDonalds? Some things are really different at this place in Orlando, Florida. And thus, a fast food place is finally turning into a tourist attraction… and a very popular posting. Amazing.

Orlando – A very different McDonald’s Experience


2. Icelandair Boeing 757-200 Saga Premium Class (13,418 Views)

Four of my Top 5 postings are aviation related – and so is the #2 on my list. I love flying Icelandair, even though their cabin as such is not really state of the art. It is comparable with North American Domestic First services – however, I just like the Nordic atmosphere in their planes.

Boeing 757-200 Icelandair Saga Premium Class


Most Popular Travel Posting (so far…):

American Airlines A330 Premium Economy (16,462 Views)

American Airlines again… and on top. They are indeed my favorite oneworld Premium Economy carrier – and you seem to be keen about their service as well. 16k views feels so massive to me. I am really thankful about it!

American Airlines A330 Premium Economy


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