KISS World Las Vegas

KISS World Las Vegas

12.95 USD


4.8/5 Pros

  • Amazing collection of items
  • "Fan stuff" like original instruments as well as crazy merchandise
  • Great staff

There is a lot of stuff to see and experience in Las Vegas. The temple for hard rock fans in the US-American city is right outside the Strip. Gene Simmons is sharing his private collection in the so-called KISS World, which is (how could be differently?) one of the key attractions in one of the major Las Vegas casinos. During our visit in December 2023, my wife and I just had to have a visit. Here is my review.


KISS World Las Vegas – Location & Admission

KISS World Las Vegas is located in the Rio Hotel & Casino, which is located right West of I-15. Thus, you likely need a car or similar to get there. Walking from Las Vegas Boulevard is possible, but crossing the Interstage is bothering. The casino is roughly located opposite of Cesar’s Palace Casino. The Rio Casino does not have the best reputation and was rather empty during our visit. Thus, you should typically easily get a spot at the free parking garage.

KISS World is opening daily from 12:00 to 22:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, the museum and the mini golf course (see below) is closing at 23:00. Admission for both attractions is 20 USD per person. The museum only is 12.95 USD.


KISS World Las Vegas – The Visit

Before you enter the KISS World exhibition, you first stroll along a Gene Simmons figure as well as his collection of golden and platinum records and similar memorabilia. The access to the in-fact museum is through a door, which will be opened by a member of staff. At first sight, the room might feel rather small. However, it is in fact packed with memorabilia of all kinds. Thus, we finally stayed more than half an hour in the KISS World exhibition.

KISS World Las Vegas features all kinds of exhibits. Of course, KISS fans will love original instruments and stage outfits. However, finally, the other items turn KISS World into a very special and memorable visit. Especially the glass showcases on one wall of the exhibition room feature countless very different kinds of merchandise of the US-American hard rock band. Some of them are really having an obscure touch, like plush toys, building brick sets or KISS-themed coffee.

Some items in the showcases also reflect certain concerts and tours by the band. For example, there are gifts given to the band my the promoters and hosts. One display is having a vast collection of different tour passes, which also illustrate the long history the made up rockers had and still have on stage. These items underline the importance of the band for the history of rock music in general. You are impressed, but also entertained when you walk along the room and spot items, which you especially enjoy. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to be a KISS fan to enjoy this shrine of the music legends.


KISS World Las Vegas – Services

The staff at the museum is awesome. They are super-friendly and also very helpful if you have questions to certain exhibits. There is always a staff member in the room when you visit the museum. The reception desk is also having a a souvenir store, where you can buy clothing, but also rather funny stuff like mini golf balls (see below). There is also a chapel in which you can marry with a big touch of rock and have one of their KISS wedding cakes after you (hopefully) said yes.

In the same location, there is also a KISS-themed mini golf / adventure golf course. I will cover it in a separate posting.


KISS World Las Vegas – My View

KISS World is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. You don’t need to be a rock fan to love this exhibition. The wide range of items turns your visit into memories and the staff is motivated to give you a great time. Not only as a music fan, I absolutely loved visiting KISS World.


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