Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum (Wheeling, WV)

Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum

15 USD


4.6/5 Pros

  • Great collection of toys and model trains
  • Very convenient location at the interstate
  • Amazing Peanut collection

For the last review in 2023, I opted for the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. I happened to run into this museum about an hour away from Pittsburgh while scanning for Groupon coupons in the region. Here is my review, based on a viist I had in October 2023.



Kruger St Toy and Train Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located at Kruger Street (what a surprise…) in Elm Grove, an Eastern borough of Wheeling in West Virginia. There is no public transport around (at least I did not spot one), you in fact go there by car. The museum is just a short drive away from Interstate I-70 which connects Wheeling with Greater Pittsburgh. There is sufficient parking space available right next to the picturesque building, which has orginally been a public school.

Adult admission to the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum is 15 USD. The museum is opening from 9:00 to 16:00 (last admission). They split their opening days into summer season and winter seasonHowever, summer is lasting from Memorial Day (typically end of May) until first week of January the following year and winter the remaining time. Summer opening is daily, while winter Friday to Sunday only.


Kruger St Toy and Train Museum – The Visit

The entrance and reception area has some exhibits like a LEGO landscape. After that, the exhibition space of the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum features two levels. In each level, there are several rooms, which deal with different topics. The first floor, for example, has a room about puppets, but also a room about transportation, which features a lot of cars and similar exhibits, but also a race car track (of course, a working one…) in the center of the room. Each and every room feels massive – there are so many items in display, from small figures to board games. Depending on your personal preferences, you will like the one room more or the other. My favorites have been the transportation and the board game section.

Even though the hallway of the second floor features some action figures and similar items, the majority of exhibits in the rooms around is about model trains and scale models. The trains are split into the different model scales. Some of the room feature large model landscapes as well. If you are a model train lover, you will enjoy this part very much. However, the upper floor also features the Puzzle Room (they also have the huge Ravensburger Disney puzzle put on the wall), and K-Land, which is a huge, majorly operating amusement park build with K’nex pieces.



Kruger St Toy and Train Museum – Peanuts Exhibition

The basement of the museum features an amazing collection of Peanuts memorabilia. A local physician has gathered this private collection over time. If you like Snoopy and Charlie Brown, this part of your visit is worth the admission only already. It is amazing how many thousands of items are in here from typical toys to statues and memory plates (e.g. for Valentine’s Day).


Kruger St Toy and Train Museum – Services

The staff in the museum was very friendly and attentive. Of course, there is a souvenir store on ground level, which allows you to take home some playable memories. A very cool feature of the museum is the caboose in front of it – you can stay there overnight. I am sure it is a memorable experience.



Kruger St Toy and Train Museum – My View

I really like places like the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. What an amazing range of toys and scale model item they have on display. The Peanut collection is more than a nice add-on as well. Unfortunately, travelers might not make it to Wheeling too frequently (apart from visiting the Wheeling Nailers or the local casino. But if you happen to be on the I-70 and feel like a break – this one is a lovely place to step back in childhood years.


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