Miami Wynwood Graffiti Golf Cart Tour with Wynwood Art Walk

Wynwood Art Walk Graffiti Golf Cart Tour

41.24 USD


4.7/5 Pros

  • Very well-organized tour
  • Very good guide
  • Comfortable transport

Even though I am typically not an arts person, I really loved visiting the borough of Wynwood in Miami in October 2022. The area is well-known for its vibrant street art and murals scene. There are numerous tour agents offering you to explore the area with a guide. Apart from walking tours, a rather typical way to get to know all the sprayed paintings is by golf cart. Rather spontaneously, I went for a one hour tour with the company Wynwood Art Walk.


Wynwood Art Walk Tour – Location & Price

The meeting point for the golf cart tour was at 27th Street. The location is given very well at booking. The best way to get to Wynwood and do this tour, but also visit other key sites like the Wynwood Walls or the Graffiti Museum is to go there by car or by Uber. There is a major parking garage close to the meeting point of the tour.

In October 2022, when I took the tour, the nominal price for the one hour tour has been 39 USD, 41.24 USD including tax. There are several time slots per day.


Wynwood Art Walk Tour – The Tour

The cart we used had a capacity of five people, plus the driver / guide. One person could sit next to the driver and then, there were two benches, one facing to the rear. At some of the paintings, we just drove by while the guide explained us something about the murals and the artists, who come from all over the world to present their skills. The area is very colorful. Some of the murals have some special “effects”, when you are standing at a certain position or have a special perspective. Not only due to that reason, it is very favorable to have some sort of guided tour when you visit Wynwood.

At multiple places, we stopped and had a closer look at the exhibits. The guide was very good in taking pictures with you, which lead to some memorable snaps. He also knew a lot about the area and could adjust the tour nicely to the interest and background of the people. By the way, when you visit Wynwood Walls, some of the murals might be gone – typically, the district is inviting artists periodically to use some of the spaces again for a new piece of art.

Unfortunately, we ran into something, in which you may run easily in Miami: rain. Very heavy rain. Unfortunately, it was not a short shower, but lasted mich longer so that we had to stop the tour after some 45 minutes. You can’t change the weather, there was also no kind of compensation for the shorter tour – but I was nonetheless very happy with the experience.


Wynwood Art Walk Tour – My View

The golf cart tour with Wynwood Art Walk was, for me, the ideal way of exploring the area in a relaxed way. The guide was great and the golf cart gave us a comfortable way to commute in the district. As the murals are changing, there is also something new to explore any time you re-visit the famous Miami arts district. I would definitely choose the same provider for a tour again.


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