American Space Museum (Titusville)

American Space Museum

10 USD


4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good collection of items
  • Original control panels
  • Great staff Cons

  • Very packed and thus a bit of chaotic

During my trip following the Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour in Florida, I also passed the East Coast of the Southeast State. I neither had the time nor felt like spending the money and visit the Cape Canaveral Space Center for / with you, but still wanted to do some space travel contents while being in the area. Thus, I decided to go for the American Space Museum in Titusville, which is in fact right across the world-famous coast section of Florida and the NASA base. A smaller place, but maybe you like it as well.


American Space Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located right in the heart of Titusville. Thus, I had to leave I-95 and go right towards the city center and coast. The museum is located in a building, which feels like being a former commercial place or storage. It does provide sufficient parking. The parking lot also has some space travel related exhibits as outdoor teasers. The Museum is also driving a Walk of Fame. Titusville is less than 15 miles away from Cape Canaveral. I feel you need a car to visit this place, even coming from larger cities like Miami or Orlando.

The American Space museum is opening Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00. The adult admission is 10 USD. I did find a deal on a discount platform for the museum, though. The museum also hosts an Walk of Fame, which I unfortunately missed to visit.


American Space Museum – The Visit

Despite the museum is having a rather limited space, they have lot of different exhibits. There are four key sections, though. They are namely the Cape Canaveral Gallery, the Apollo Gallery, the Space Shuttle Gallery and the Mercury / Gemini Gallery. I guess that the key focus of these spaces is self-explanatory. Apart from overviews of the whole set of missions under the different programs, the museum hosts an amazing range of items. Some of the most interesting exhibits to me were the original consoles removed from the control centers of different missions. However, there are also a few xhibits from non-US-American missions.

As you see in the pictures, the museum has a vast collection of items, which was far beyond my expectation. For example, they show a lot of original uniforms and equipment, you can read a lot of documentation and there are a lot of illustrative models. One thing I felt to be especially remarkable is that the place feels to be very well reputed by the in-fact astronauts. Many of them seem to support the place in a certain way. The level of illustration and documentation is very good. Thus, you can have a 45 minute to one hour quick visit as well as dig deeply into certain topics and invest significantly more time.

Finally, a very interesting exhibition is Women of Space, which explicitly honors the female astronauts.


American Space Museum- Services

The staff in the museum was amazingly friendly. The museum is also driving a small gift shop, which is majorly aiming towards younger visitors.


American Space Museum – My View

The American Space Museum is a small museum in a neat town in the heart of Florida. This may somehow lead to the situation that you underestimate the museum. You definitely should not do that. Even if you just spend about an hour there, you will run into a lot of items. Cape Canaveral might be more posh, but also much more expansive and takes much more time. If you are a space travel buff, you will visit both spots anyway. Not the worst option – it is really a good one – the structure might feel a bit of chaotic, though.


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