Las Vegas New Year’s Fireworks 2024 near MGM Grand

In New Year’s Eve in 2013, my wife and I married in Las Vegas. We wanted the New Year’s fireworks 2014 to be one of the highlights of our wedding celebrations… But finally, the day was so active and intense… That we fell asleep before the new year arrived. Finally, we watched parts of the fireworks from the hotel we stayed in, the Desert Rose Resort right off the Strip. In 2023, we were in Las Vegas again for New Year’s Eve. This time we made it better and watched the fireworks, right from the hotel parking lot, with a nice view of MGM Grand and ARIA Resort, where parts of the fireworks were held. I just took some pictures with my point and shoot equipment – but felt to share them with you in a Pictured Story.


Las Vegas Fireworks near MGM Grand – Location

The Desert Rose Resort is a suite hotel / apartment hotel in Las Vegas. I will share a detailed review of our stay later. The Northwest end of the parking lot gives amazing views of the Southern end of the Las Vegas Boulevard, which is typically referred to as the Strip.

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Views of Las Vegas Fireworks

On the night from year 2023 to 2024, there have been choreographed fireworks from several spots along the Las Vegas Strip. Two of them were in sight from the Desert Rose Resort, namely the MGM Grand (in the foreground of the picture) and the ARIA Resort & Casino, which you see on the left in the wider angle pictures and in some close-ups below. The Northernmost point on the Strip which participated in these fireworks has been the STRAT Hotel, which leads to a spread of some 3.5 miles or 5.6 km. Vice versa, this means that if you wanted to see the choreography as a whole, you had to b on a point rather distanced from the Strip.

The total duration of the fireworks was just about seven minutes. As you see in the wider angle picture already between the MGM Grand and the ARIA Resort, the local fireworks at each hotel were pretty much the same. At least in our memories, the fireworks ten years before were significantly more intense in regards of effects used as well as in regards of duration.

Some Close-Ups from the ARIA Resort

Here are some close-ups from the ARIA Resort (with the MGM Happy New Year screen in front). The pictures have just been take with my point and shoot camera. Thus, they might not be ideal – but I feel they are fit for purpose.

Even in real life, it was not too easy to read, unfortunately: the Mandalay Bay and the Delano (which are on the same complex) displayed a New Year’s Greeting as well, e.g. a Happy 2024.



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