Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas (Pictured Story)

I feel that the more the Strip or Las Vegas Boulevard area is growing as a massive, but also expansive entertainment temple, the more Las Vegas Downtown is getting some sort of renaissance. People who just want to have basic entertainment, good gambling and a nice time for a more reasonable price more and more head towards the traditional heart of Sin City. Nonetheless, the place is indeed having some interesting attractions. One of the most famous ones is Fremont Street Experience, an arcade-alike entertainment disctrict with casinos, restaurants and similar places. I take you there in my Pictured Story.


Fremont Street Experience – Location & Traffic

Fremont Street Experience is the Northwest end of Fremont Street. The arcade connects N Main St in the North and the Las Vegas Blvd in the South. 4th St is interrupting the arcade. You can reach it by several bus services. For example, the Downtown Loop and the bus lines 106, 208, 214 connect to the Northern Entrance. The Strip bus service DEUCE can be used to connect to the Southern end. Especially compared to locations in the Southern part of Las Vegas, parking is also relatively cheap in the area.

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Fremont Street Experience is open all day. However, due to the illuminations and screen shows. the place is majorly popular in the evening and night. There is no admission fee.


Views of Fremont Street Experience

My pictures take you through Fremont Street Experience from North to South, starting right across Plaza Hotel & Casino. Once you enter the arcade (at least, in the dark), you are caught be the screens in the ceiling of the arcade, which is used for  various, alternating sound and light show. There are various well-known casinos you can reach directly from Fremont Street Experience. For example, there is Golden Nugget, Golden Gate or Four Queens South of the arcade (i.e. here on the right of most of the pictures). The initial experience may be a bit of overwhelming, especially as there are sometimes additional stages for smaller shows. Apart from restaurants (which mostly belong to casinos), there are also a couple of open bars.

A typical part of the Fremont Street Experience experience are people who offer to take pictures with you. There is a full range from ladies in go-go girls costumes to made-up police officers. Please be advised that these things tend to be scam, so ask first and take pictures later. Nonetheless, grabbing a drink and strolling through the arcade is really fun – there is even one free camera point, which makes your face appear on a section of the screen. Nowadays, another key attraction is zip lining. The lower level ride is 49 USD, the Fly Super-Hero Zoom at fifth floor level is 69 USD at the time of writing.

The area is also nice for dining. Prices should generally be lower than on the Strip – and there are a couple of nice deals you might grab if you inform about them beforehand. The area around and after 4th Street also features a couple of stores like a Walgreen’s pharmacy. Even though the screens are modern and lead to a posh feeling, I really liked that this part of Las Vegas indeed preserved some rather traditional touch. in Las Vegas

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