International Towing & Recovery Museum (Chattanooga TN)

International Towing & Recovery Museum (Chattanooga TN)

10 USD


4.1/5 Pros

  • Great place to honor towing industry
  • Beautiful exhibits
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Lovely staff Cons

  • Very special topic
  • Could be more "international" (i.e. non-US-American)

When I select the places I want to visit in a city for, there are typically two kinds sights: first of all, there are the must-dos – these places where at most “I did not have sufficient time to visit it” would be an appropriate excuse. The second category are unique ones. I hope that these are even interesting for you, when you do not make it to that place. Thinking about my selection of sights during my CMA Fest 2019 trip stop at Chattanooga, Tennessee, the International Towing & Recovery Museum was definitely in the second category. I was really curious how a place like that will be.


Int. Towing Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located South of Chattanooga city center. The Lookout Mountain attractions like the Incline Railroad are not too far away

The museum opens Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00hrs. On Sundays, doors is two hours later. The adult admission is 10 USD. Outside the museum is a memorial for members of the business which have been killed during executing their job.

Int. Towing Museum – The Exhibition

Before you are entering the large hall of exhibits, you start your visit with a video in an introdutory room.

Then you enter the exhibition hall and start in the corner of the room, where the oldest exhibits are located. Some of them even have wooden wheels. There is a lot of explanation about the story of the trucks on every exhibit, which makes it very interesting to visit the exhibition even if you are not a wrecker at heart.

Two oustanding exhibits are likely the W-45 which has been used in WWII in France and the world fastest wrecker ever which was close to 110 MPH on Talladega Speedway. There was likely even potential for even more speed, but the tires just stayed on the safe side for one lap – they produced so much heat due to the stress that there was a risk of bursting.


Car Models and More

All the towing trucks are definitely the core of the exhibition – but the organizers really try their best to give a wider view of the business. In the model car showcases at the walls, the museum really becomes international and shows more than North American vehicles. There are also other items like car maintenance equipment or special exhibits honoring women in the towing / recovery industry. These things are a great add-on to your business with a lot to explore and enjoy.


Int. Towing Museum – Hall of Fame

The International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame is the final part of the exhibition you will likely visit. It is a huge gallery of people. The number of portraits already marked as deceased shows the long history and focus of this place. There is a strong North American focus, but you find a couple of European inductees as well.


Int. Towing Museum – Services & Gift Shop

Finally, you will visit the gift shop. I was really tempted to buy the Tow-o-poly. There are also children books dealing with the topic. You may also support the place by buying clothing and other memorabilia. There is also a toy truck for children. Even in the restrooms, you will find some recovery exhibits.There is no museum cafe or similar, though.


Int. Towing Museum – My View

Yes, a museum about towing and recovery is special interest. Having a Hall of Fame on the big ones of that business is even more special interest. I am a nerd, but still out of scope for this place. Nevertheless: I liked it and I had a good time! It is amazing to see how much love and effort for the topic they put into the International Towing & Recovery Museum and the Hall of Fame. And they did a good, educative job. in Chattanooga TN

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