GEODIS Park Stadium Tour (Nashville)

GEODIS Park Stadium Tour



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very nice tour
  • All key areas incl. loges etc. shown

Even though American Football and ice hockey are the key sports in Music City: Nashville does love soccer. And Nashville SC is the local soccer team. Even though I did not make it to an MLS match during my July 2022 visit, I at least could join a stadium tour at their home ground, GEODIS Park. Here is my review of the tour.


GEODIS Park – Location & Tour Admission

GEODIS Park is located rather in the South of Nashville. The Fairgrounds Speedway is a direct neighbor of the stadium. In general, the area around the stadium is expected to face major upgrades during the next years. The easiest ways to get there are via I-65 and US ALT-31. There is a bus stop close to the stadium (Bransford Ave & Benton Ave SB, Bus 77), but I cannot tell you details about the connection. The parking lots around the stadium are surprisingly small, though, I felt.

Tours of the stadium are scattered. The best is to have a look at the slots Nashville SC is offering. The some 90 minute was 20 USD in summer 2022. Unfortunately, it was very hard to find out where the tour is actually starting, so that me and some other people practically ran two times around the venue before getting in.


GEODIS Park – The Tour

After we had finally found where the tour is starting, it was a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. The guides definitely love their club and were able to tell a lot of stories about Nashville SC. Thus, the GEODIS Park tour was very entertaining. One of the very first places we visited has been the locker room of the home team, which also felt like a “warm up” to the souls of the visitors, especially the kids. I liked that the group has not been too large and that there were plenty of photo opportunities. After having a look into the press conference place, we headed into the stadium.

The tour lead us along the pitch, to the benches, before we headed back inside the arena. I like to see all the facilities, like loges, media rooms, business areas – and Nashville SC indeed open their doors to the visitors on the tour. We had a look into the very posh loges as well as into the “ordinary” hospitality clubs. A nice feature of the tour was that you could also enjoy the stadium from different perspectives and also here and there stepped out on the balcony.

Nashville-alike, hospitality areas like the Gold Post Club even feature a small stage, so that Nashville acts can present themselves and entertain the guests. Overall, the stadium has a capacity of 30,000. Strolling around the stands and club areas definitely made me feel I should visit a match there one day.


GEODIS Park – Services

The tour ended as practically any stadium tour is ending: in the gift shop. The range of items has been amazing and felt to be in line with other major professional sports. This also illustrates the importance of soccer, at least in Nashville. However, you have to say that some of the prices, e.g. for jerseys, are ridiculously high in the USA. The latest kit (just the shirt may be around 150 USD, for example).


GEODIS Park – My View

Touring the GEODIS Park was really a nice experience. Some signs or similar would have been very helpful, though, to find the start of the tour. I liked that Nashville SC really gave you a full match day experience in the tour – from the locker rooms to the VIP area. The stadium is neat and definitely compares to smaller grounds in major professional leagues. However, the traffic situation feels not really appropriate to me (which is maybe rather a general Nashville issue than just the one of this soccer park).


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