Seepark Biker Days Pfullendorf 2023 – Atmosphere & Impressions

After I gave you three postings about the music at the Seepark Biker Days 2023 in Pfullendorf already, it is time to share the atmosphere and the stories of the festival with you.


The Venue

The Seepark Linzgau is really a nice location – it is not that surprising that the venue is used for several events in summer, from schlager concerts to historic car events. Being a bit of remote of the city, it is an ideal location for partying, including camping facilities and a lot of space for vending and exhibitions.

By the way, the city is indeed much nicer than I thought it to be. It offers several shops of all kinds, a couple of supermarkets and other facilities which are helpful for travelers. Unfortunately, this is not fully reflected in the hotel capacities of Pfullendorf. My stay at the RiKu Hotel was overall nice, though.


The Stages

Having and outdoor stage for the daytime activities and then going indoors was a nice thing. Unfortunately, smoking inside party tents is allowed / tolerated in this part of Germany. It felt rather bothering to me, but most people seemed to bother less than me about that. The atmosphere with benches, on which people sat and enjoyed the music with all the booths around was really cozy and relaxed – just as the whole festival.


The Motorbikes

I am not an expert in this topic at all – but I have to say that I loved watching all the custom bikes in Pfullendorf. It is leading to a cool atmosphere.


The Bike Ride

In groups of 30, the festival organizers gave the visitors an opportunity to join a 48 kilometer bike ride through the area. This Saturday afternoon event felt to be the highlight of many visitors. Putting the people into groups felt a bit of chaotic and also dangerous, as there was thru traffic, The police was so active around Pfullendorf (see below) – why can’t they block thru traffic for some twenty minutes to have a safe experience for participants and visitors? However, the participants really enjoyed the trip during the likely best weather of the whole weekend.





Food & Merch

The food in Pfullendorf was really excellent. You had a wide selection of items. There was even a wok meal with wagyu beef. My favorites was an amazing Kässpätzle-Burger (a vegetarian burger, where the patty was made with Southern German cheese noodles) and a schnitzel vendor. But there was also big smoker burgers, pizza, ice cream, sweets.

The vending had also a nice range. You could test drive motor bikes or buy apparel, of course. There were also companies who custom motorbikes and cars and similar items. However, my favorites were booths with a social background: for example, there was a representation of an organisation of bikers who fight again children pornography. A local barber gave you a shave – in exchange for a donation for a children’s hospice. Bikers might look like the really tough boys on the road – but they have a warm heart, indeed.


The People

Regardless of being in contact with the organizers or just chatting to random people in the Seepark, I really loved the relaxed atmosphere in Pfullendorf. And, finally, that’s the key asset of this biker meeting: you hang out, have great people, good music and a good time. There was rarely any kind of hassle. I did not see any fights or louder discussions. Even a few people who definitely had too much alcohol on Saturday could be handles with the relaxed karma of the Seepark Biker Days.


Meet & Greet

The relaxed, familiar character of the Seeberg Biker Days also affected he contact to the “celebrities”. Regardless if it was Jessica Lynn, Bonfire, John Diva or other acts – if you wanted to chat or a picture with the guys, you definitely had the opportunity to do so.


The Police

You just have to talk about them. On both main days, Friday and Saturday, there were massive traffic controls and technical checks in the streets around Pfullendorf. I do get that people not wearing helmets, riding drunk or offensively or having too loud bikes are checked. But at some check points I passed, they really stopped any motorbike. This is, of course, harming the festival massively. The atmosphere was so relaxed, friendly and peacefully, the Seepark Biker Days just do not deserve that.

Especially on Saturday, there were a lot of drunk people. I did expect traffic controls there (and I would have supported that)- but there weren’t any of them. A bit of weird. As the police and traffic check situation is significantly harming the success of the meeting, I hope that the organizers and the police find a suitable solution for next year – otherwise, the Seepark Biker Days 2024 are unfortunately under risk.



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