The New Bedford (MA) Whaling District (Pictured Story)

I recently took you to Husavik, somehow Iceland’s capital of whale watching nowadays and whaling in previous ages. New Bedford in Massachusetts is a very similar place on the US-American side. The city has a rich history in whaling.  On the fifth day of my Weird Al Yankovic April 2022 trip, I had time to explore the city before a concert there. I already took you on a visit to the amazing New Bedford Whaling Museum. In this Pictured Stories posting, however, I take you on a walk through the beautiful New Bedford Whaling Natural Historical Park, the historic city center of the city. Enjoy traveling to this beautiful place.


New Bedford (MA) – Location and Transport

New Bedford is a town in Southern Massachusetts, close to the state border to Rhode Island. The city, which is a settlement since the mid-17th century, is nowadays having a population of roughly 100,000 inhabitants. The historic district is just South of Fairhaven Bridge, next to the harbor, where ferries to destinations like Nantucket are departing.

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You typically travel to New Bedford by car. The city is located close to I-195. It is about a one hour drive from Boston and 3:30 to four hours from New York City. There used to be commuter rail connection to Boston, which does not seem to be active any more.


The New Bedford Whaling District

The majority of the impressions you have in this posting are taken from the National Historical Park. Apart from the Whaling Museum, there are also some other museums and associations like the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center. There is quite a lot of historic-style architecture in that area, as well as some cafes and restaurants and street art. Thus, it is a really nice spot just to randomly stroll around and hang out and enjoy yourself.

Even in the harbor area East of the historic district, some commemorative signs and statues remid of the sailing and whaling history of the city, which used to be Native American grounds before European settlers came there. However, there are also a lot of signs in the city center, informing you about the historic background of places in the district. Overall, I really enjoyed New Bedford much more than I expected before getting there.


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