Kenny Foster – His Stories behind “Deep Cuts”

Kenny Foster, one of the Featured Artists of and one of the most friendly people I met in the country music business, released his last album Deep Cuts some three years ago. During the recent weeks, he was releasing Cut by Cut, the stories behind each and every song of the album. After I already had a review of a similar project by Cassadee Pope, who released a new version of her album Stages with track by track commentary, I felt I need to share this wonderful way of looking behind the scenes of songwriting with you.


Kenny Foster – About The Artist

Kenny Foster grew up in Joplin, Missouri. He sang at church, but also had a favor for pop and country songs. In his High School year, he began songwriting and playing the guitar. Foster is has a major in Philosophy and graduated in philosophy and American culture. After his graduate in 2004, he concentrated in the music industry and released his debut album For Now in 2008 online. He also played in a band, Philos, which released an EP in 2009.

In recent past, Kenny Foster found quite a significant fanbase in Germany and the rest of Europe, majorly supported by his open-minded relationship to the people and also his very entertaining, often funny, but still musically very high quality appearances. During the Covid-19 crisis, he did his Kurantine With Kenny on Instagram in collaboration with Sound of Nashville, where he is chatting with other country music artist and thereby supporting music charities.


Kenny Foster – Deep Cuts – The Album

Deep Cuts has been released on 17th April 2017. It was his second album after For Now, which he released in 2008 already, and two EPs in 2020 The album was very well receipted, but did not have an overwhelming success. For example, wrote, Kenny Foster should be immensely proud of what he has achieved, with little help, backing or support from the genre or the industry. The album is a very straight and well-produced country album with a nice variety of songs. Unfortunately, it was released too early for a review. The 45 minute album contains 12 tracks.

Kenny Foster – Deep Cuts – The Stories behind “Deep Cuts”

Kenny Foster shares all twelve stories behind his Deep Cuts songs in his YouTube account (link to the full twelve story playlist). I decided to share some of my favorite stories with you, alongside with the original song. I feel that overall Kenny did an amazing intimate view on his great (and underrated) music – thus, I absolutely recommend to listen to all the stories behind.

1. Stand

This isn’t what you are expecting – and if you want to be in for the ride, then buckle up – Kenny says this very key sentence about the opener of the album. Unusual, but also some sort of setting the scene for the whole album.

2. Made

It is already quite a statement that Made got the longest of all Cut by Cut videos. This insight video tells you a lot about writing that song, but also writing the whole album – or as Kenny states, [Made] it’s where all of the other songs were chosen from. 

3. Hearts That Bend

4. Good Enough

5. The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days is one of the most autobiographic songs – the song looks back at the hard times at the beginning of Kenny’s first steps in the Nashville music industry. To me, this video which is explaining the necessary of the moments in your life which just have been The Good Old Days is one of the most intense of all the Cut by Cut videos.

6. Caught

7. Old Fashioned

8. Change

9. Everything

10. Drinkin’ at Home

This song has been written on St Patrick’s Day. In fact written about the abuse of alcohol, but a song for usage of all other substances which let you adjust reality, Kenny describes in the video that he does not try to blame the person, but also have sympathy and understanding for him. It’s not that they are bad people – its’s that they had a bad time – and it could be anyone of us. Or to say it with the the lyrics of the song, We’re all a heartbreak away, Drinkin’ at Home.


12. Wood & Steel


Kenny Foster – Deep Cuts on Spotify

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