Car Rental Review – Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – GMC Acadia

Avis Nashville Airport (BNA)



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very efficient rental and return
  • Very nice car quality
  • Good complaint handling

The last section of my Pittsburgh Penguins trip in March 2022 took me to Nashville and St. Louis. In order to be able to visit Pittsburgh Penguins away matches at Bridgestone Arena (on Day 6) and at Enterprise Center (Day 8), I needed a rental car from Nashville International Airport (BNA). Here is my rental car review with Avis, offering me a GMC Arcadia.


Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – The Rental

I had a five day rental with Avis, originally booked on the Ford Edge class. The rental booking booking was done via a German broker / travel agency, Dertour. Thus, the five day rental from Monday to Saturday afternoon was paid in Euro and was 465 Euro, including full CDW coverage (protection provided by the German company).


Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – Location & Office

The rental car offices at BNA Airport are currently located at Level 2, right next to the United Airlines luggage conveyor belts. They are expected to move back to their original location on level 1, one level down, once the renovation work there has been completed. Despite it is a temporary solution, the offices are very handy and easy to reach.


Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – Receiving The Car

I am always a bit of shy of booking cars via brokers instead of using my rental car accounts directly. The handling at the Avis desk was really great, though. Even despite it was a third-party booking via the German company, they saw all the coverage I had from my original booking and did not try to sell my any additional or unnecessary insurance. Thus, the processing was really smooth and I could head into the parking garage opposite to grab the car.

The car they originally assigned to me was the Jeep you see on the pictures below. However, the car had a damage from an accident. I wouldn’t care about that at all – but part of the damage lead to the situation that the gas cap did not lock any more and thus could have been opened by any stranger. The processed my complaint quickly. I would have even accepted a downgrade as I solely booked an SUV as I was not sure whether there was snow on the road during my trip. To my (positive) surprise, they assigned me the GMC Acadia.


Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – Returning The Car

Receiving the car was easy – and so was the rental car return. Despite there is quite a lot of hassle due to renovation work,t he signs at the airport are clear and easy to understand. The car check was fine, so that the return process did not take more than a few minutes.


The Car – GMC Acadia

The GMC Acadia was an absolutely nice and handy car, which gave a lot of comfort, especially on the long driving legs to and from St. Louis. The car had a nice mileage and did offer a lot of comfort, even during the long road trip. Below are some snaps taken at Marion Airport (MWA) in Illinois.


Avis Nashville Airport (BNA) – My View

Regarding vouchered bookings via a travel agency or broker, the performance of Avis at Nashville Airport (BNA) has likely been the best one I ever had. No discussions about rather unnecessary insurance covers or assistance packages. The complaint about the original car has been handled efficiently. Thus, I am really happy about my rental experience – no doubt that this is a Top Pick! one.


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