Lucas Oil Stadium Tour (Indianapolis)

Lucas Oil Stadium Tour Indianapolis

10 USD


4.2/5 Pros

  • Tour through all major parts of the stadium
  • Lovely staff
  • They even did a private tour for me (only ticket holder)

Spontaneously after I visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Museum, I went to Lucas Oil Stadium to do a stadium tour there. Their times just fitted perfectly to my schedule – and as I am in general interested in these tours, I just took it. The arena fits 67,000 at American Football matches of the Indianapolis Colts. Furthermore, it is the home stadium of the USLC soccer team Indy Eleven, hosts some College football and some College Basketball finals. Of course, the Lucas Oil Stadium can also be used for concerts.


Lucas Oil Stadium Tour – Location & Admission

Lucas Oil Stadium is practically in the heart of Indianapolis – at least the city center sights are just some blocks away. Thus, during the tour, there were also some really nice views of the city (see below). It is also close to The Lawn At White River State Park, where I saw a stage of Weird Al Yankovic’s Strings Attached Tour.

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If you buy tickets for the tour in advance, adult tickets are 10 USD. I just walked in and paid 15 USD. There is obviously a huge parking lot around the stadium, which is available at non-matchdays for 5 USD per day. Tours are typically at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 hrs.


Lucas Oil Stadium Tour – The Tour

When I arrived at Locas Oil Stadium, I was already worried that I was too late and the tour would be sold out – it was 12:45, a quarter of an hour before the tour. I had the immense luck that the situation was very vice versa – in fact, I was the only one on the tour so that I got a private tour through the stadium for 15 USD – lovely. The stadium was just about to prepared for a College Football match, so that the End Zones were marked with Ball State instead of the Indianapolis Colts branding. The order of places I give in here is not fully in line with the order I in fact visited the places in the stadium. The tour took roughly 75 to 90 minutes.


Views of the Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is quite a modern complex and a lovely stadium. The pitch is artificial turf. In two corners, you have major video screens. As said above, the ground was set up for a College Football match at my time of visit and thus did not reflect the typical Indianapolis Colts design. The pictures below are taken from various places on concourse level as well as from the media area.


Concourse Level

In fact, the tour started on concourse level with some general introduction about the history of the stadium and some words on the branding Lucas Oil company. You see that there are quite a lot of items about motor sports around. On one part of the concourse trip, there was also some Hall of Fame alike area for long-time season ticket holders.

Two very impressive features of the stadium are the roof and the window on the Northern side of the stadium. Both are retractable. Especially the window is quite remarkable and unique – it gives a lovely view over Indianapolis downtown. You might have seen on the map above that the stadium is slightly diagonally placed compared to the streets around. The reason for that is to ensure the best possible downtown view.

Unfortunately, roof and window were closed at my time of visit. However, there was a picture how the stadium looks like in case both are open (which is possible on NFL match days depending on the weather) – ain’t that an impressive view?

Also the very final part of the tour was on concourse level again. One very interesting part of the stadium is a collection of all Indiana High School Football teams’s helmets. On the Southern side of the stadium, there is also a major Colts helmet featuring a bar.


Media Area

The tour, however, went up to the Media Area right under the roof of the stadium. A very nicely designed place – impressing how much capacity it has as well.


Indianapolis Colts Locker Room

The next stop was likely the highlight for any American Football fan of the whole tour: visiting the locker room of the Indianapolis Colts. The sheer size of it is just amazing and illustrates the massive rosters an American Football team has. There are also recreation facilities around.

A very fascinating part for me were the meeting room-alike facilities for the intermissions, two separate ones for the offensive and the defensive line-ups.


Field Level & Field Suites

From locker room level, we went to the corner of the field. Really cool place.

A very impressing part of the tour was the visit of the Field Suites, which are really just at the end of the end zones and give an amazing view of the plays. In contrast to typical European suites, they are not catered by the stadium, i.e. you have to care for the catering on your own.


Manning Statue

Peyton Manning is the legend of the history of the Indianapolis Colts. When the legendary Quarterback retired, he had played 14 seasons for the franchise as a quarterback, being a two time Super Bowl champion and a one time Super Bowl MVP. To honor him, there is a statue of the Indianapolis sports legend at the Northern end of the stadium.


Lucas Oil Stadium Tour – My View

Having an in-fact private tour through Lucas Oil Stadium was of course an amazing experience.. The guide was very friendly and as I was the only guest, we could discuss a lot about certain things – a very unique memory. I guess the tour is great for football fans also if you attend in slightly larger group – I would definitely recommend it when you are around Indianapolis and like to stroll through major arenas.In some other tours, you even get more, e.g. the ScherzTour in Cologne. Thus, it was close to a top rating, but I feel, it were very good 4/5 stars this time.



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