Songs Of The Week (week of 01 September 2023)

September 2023 will be a quite busy monh. If I finally receive all press passes I envisage to get, there will be one women soccer match, two floorball matches and four concerts on this blog during the month. Furthermore, I am trying to create new travel material from he Faroe Islands and from Japan. Sounds like a lot of cool stuff – just like this list of new releases. Enjoy.


Tim Montana – Devil You Know

Tim Montana is a US-American artists from Montana (it was so easy to guess, wasn’t it), who is typically rather known for country rock and Southern rock songs. This week’s release, however, is rather on the alternative rock side. Devil You Know starts slow and could even develop rock ballad attitudes, if only the guitars would strictly oppose to that plan.


VRSTY – Fuck You Forever

The post-hardcore band VRSTY is teasing their second studio album Levitate with the single released Fuck You Forever. The New York band around lead singer Joey Varely is typically inspired by R&B sounds. This one, indeed sounds interesting.


Kvelertak – Endling

The German press kit to Endling names the band Kvelertak being black rock’n’roll party beasts. The Norwegian band is releasing albums since 2010 – and this sound is promising again.


Fred Roberts – Say

From long-lasting music careers to a rather new name: British singer-songwriter Fred Roberts recently surprised with his rather successful debut single Runaway. His new single release Say is another song, which stays in your mind. I absolutely enjoy the listen.


Bosse – All-Time-Favourite

All album releases since 2011 by Bosse made it into the German album Top 10 (two of them have been chart toppers. His new song All-Time-Favourite is another song which will surely receive a lot of love among his fans. How do you like it?


Antje Schomaker – Snacks

Snacks (or also SNACKS) is not only the new single by German pop artist Antje Schomaker – it will also be the title track of her new album. Cool, modern sound by her.


IUMA – Honda

IUMA is a German pop artist from Karlsruhe. I featured her a few times already. Honda comes with her typical, very modern sound. Good one!


Olivia Lunny – Heartbreak on Repeat

Crossing the Atlantic again. I am not sure whether the wording rising superstar used in the press kit is already appropriate – but the Canadian artist definitely has a nice touch in her music. She’s got 15 million streams already – I am sure she can add quite some to that. stats with this song.


Cora – Venedig

Cora sounds a solo artist, but in fact it is the name of a German pop duo. They started as Neue Deutsche Welle artists in Berlin in the mid-1980’s, but stayed active until then. Fun fact: both female artists are aristocratic. Nowadays, they rather move towards German schlager – but their songs still have that lovely 1980’s style disco fox vibe. This song about Venice simply makes me smole.


Enno Bunger – Weltuntergang (Alles hört auf)

This week, I also selected a couple of beautiful, quiet and slow pop songs. One of them is this track, which is translating to Doomsday. However, there is also some positive thinking in the song. Enno Bunger is teasing is fifth studio album with this one.


Michael Kraemer – Was bleibt

Michael Kraemer is a German artist. However, he is nowadays living in Brazil. His new release is a beautiful ballad with a melancholic touch.


Theuerkorn – Für immer

It is very hard to describe the pop-rock style by this rising German artist. His vibes sometimes remind me of legendary Austrian pop god Falco. Cool sound.


Lissi & Herr Timpe – Dicke Lippen

When Katja Krasavice released the song Dicke Lippen, it caused quite some discussions in the German music. However, the ease of transforming the song into a big band version with a touch of humor is simply genius. I love this one.


Troglauer – Schubkarrn Chief

This song, which translates to “Wheelbarrow Chief” created a lot of trouble on my side. I absolutely love this blending of rock elements and traditional folk music. I was really, really tempted to put this song on the very top of this post. These guys from Southern Germany just have an amazing touch.


Rockenschaub – Du schaffst es immer

The final song this time is again sung in German dialect. This time, it is Austrian German. Roman Rockenschaub, the mind behind Rockenschaub, created a beautiful, very emotional recording. Hope you like it as well.


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