SWISS Senator Lounge Zurich Airport (ZRH, E-Gates)

Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates



4.3/5 Pros

  • Rather large lounge with nicely designed different areas
  • Beautiful whiskey bar
  • Great view from the terrace Cons

  • Limited food options

I am very likely not prolonging my Lufthansa Senator status after it expires in February 2025. Thus, when my wife and I flew to Los Angeles right betore Christmas 2023, it was also some sort of farewell to one of the nicest airport lounges I know, the SWISS Senator Lounge at Zurich Airport (ZRH) in the Non-Schengen / E-Gates area. Unfortunately, our connection time was too short and the lounge too packed to share impressions with you.

A Lufthansa strike in February 2024 and a subsequent re-booking finally surprisingly brought me back to the place in Switzerland’s major airport. The circumstances were much better. Thus, here are my thoughts about the lounge.


Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates – Location & Access

The lounge is located in the E-Gate Non-Schengen area of the airport. To get there, you have to first pass passport control in the main terminal and then take the underground tram to the satellite terminal. The lounge is located close to gate E36. You can either use stairs or the elevator. The reception is shared with the SWISS Business Class Lounge at the E-Gates.

In order to access the lounge, you need to have a Star Alliance flight from Zurich (ZRH), having a Star Alliance Gold status, explicitly including the Miles & More Senator status. Of course, you can also use the lounge as a First Class passenger or HON Circle Member, but there is a SWISS First Class close to gate E27 as well. The lounge is opening daily from 6:00 to 22:00 (at the time of writing).


Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates – Atmosphere

Once you enter the Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates, it is majorly a rather narrow, but long lounge. The only place on the left of the entrance is the beautiful whiskey bar, which is having a strong set of the spirit, but also other alcoholic drinks. It is named Whisky Club 28/10.

To your right, you first pass a large selection of complimentary magazines, before you head into different zones. There is a bistro-alike area close to the food area and some more relaxed seats on the opposite side. The Non-Schengen lounge also features a relax area, if you need a short nap and very well-designed work cabins.


The Terrace

The key reason why I love the lounge, however, is the long terrace. You don’t just have the opportunity to catch some fresh air, you also have a lovely view of all the flight traffic of Zurich Airport (ZRH). There are not too many reasonable lounges in Europe which have that kind of offer. Zurich (ZRH) is definitely one of the most beautiful options.


Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates – Food & Drink

A very nice part of the catering in the Swiss Senator Lounge is that they have limited live cooking service. In practice, however, it rather slows down the process of getting food. They do have a nice buffet for salad and deserts. The variety of food is, however, limited.

Not only due to the amazing whiskey bar, the selection of drinks offered is much better compared to that. There is a nice variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, including my local favorite Rivella. First-timers might be confused that the dispensers for soft drinks do not feature the logo of the company, but just give the name in standard letters.


Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates – Services

Overall, the lounge staff has been quite nice during my visits at the lounge. For WiFi, you either have to register with your mobile or grab a code at a machine close to the entrance. This may feel a bit of unusual, but finally works quite well. While the lounge features own toilet, the showers are shared with the Business Class Lounge. They are located in the Welcome desk area.

Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich (ZRH) E-Gates – My View

Not only due to the lovely terrace: the SWISS Senator Lounge at the E-Gates of Zurich Airport (ZRH) are a nice place. Alcohol lovers find a lovely retreat, while food lovers just receive an average service. The location and design is a real beauty, though.


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