Hotel Abbazia (Venice)

Hotel Abbazia Venice

110 Euro


4.3/5 Pros

  • Lovely historic building with a nice inner garden
  • Great location right next to Main Station
  • Lovely staff and service Cons

  • No elevator

For my two day summer stage to Venice, I had one night at the Hotel Abbazia in the heart of the lagoon city. I majorly opted for the place due to very good reviews and a great location to the train station (as I came from Milan by Italo Rail Club Executive Class). Here are my thoughts about the stay. The hotel is classified as a four star place.

Hotel Abbazia – Location

The hotel, which has been put into the spaces of an old abbey, is just a few steps from Santa Lucia / Venice Main Station. If you head out of the travel hub to the left, the hotel is signposted at the second smaller street on the left.

The area is not just also nice for their national travel connections, but also is a good point to board one of the vaporetto boatsPiazzale Roma with its coach connections, the Venice tram and parking spaces is not too far away as well. There are many restaurants and some grocery shopping opportunities around.


Hotel Abbazia – Atmosphere

As said, the hotel is located in a building which used to be an abbey. This leads to outstanding beauty, especially around the hotel bar – even though the building is not that posh from outside. The hotel also features a patio with a garden, which is a beautiful place to relax. You can also use the garden for breakfast (see below). Being a historic building, however, implies that the hotel does not feature an elevator.


Hotel Abbazia – Room

I booked a room with breakfast. The prepaid price was 110 Euro, the rate was refundable, though. The room looks a bit small on the pictures, but was in fact quite spacious, especially in Venice relations. I liked the classic design of the room. The desk, which also accommodated the TV set, was a bit too small, though. There was also a small fridge, which is used as a minibar in non-Covid-19 times.

The bathroom might not be a place for design lovers, but it was clean, spacious and functional, so that I did not feel bad about it at all. In unfortunately don’t have a good snap of the shower, which might need some renovation soon.


Hotel Abbazia – Breakfast

You could either have your breakfast in the breakfast room or in the patio / garden right across the hallway. The breakfast was serviced at two station, but in fact worked like a buffet, where you could grab what you like. The pictures may look a bit of limited in the selection of breakfast items, but I just had too much great Italian food the evening before and thus was not too hungry. They offered a really nice selection of stuff, so that Abbazia hotel gave me a really nice start of the day.


Hotel Abbazia – Services

The staff of the hotel was very friendly and spoke good English (and German), so that there was always easy communication. Breakfast staff was also easy to communicate with (I know some basics of Italian anyway). The WiFi in the room was free and solid. There were no additional services like a gym.


Hotel Abbazia – My View

I initially thought to go for a hotel at Merste, Venice’s borogh on the Italy mainland. I am that glad that I went for the Abbazia. Especially in the evening, when illuminated Venice has a special touch (and less tourists), it is just such a treat to have a place on the lagoon.

The hotel was really good, I loved the stay there. I also feel it had the perfect location when you arrive by train, as the narrow streets in Venice and the bridges just don’t want you to travel around with luggage too much. Nice rooms, great location, very nice staff – I can definitely recommend a stay at this historic building. in Venice

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