Ystafell Auto Museum (Iceland)

Ystafell Auto Museum

1,000 ISK


4.4/5 Pros

  • Great collection of cars
  • Very entertaining, wide range of exhibition

Despite the country as such is rather small (measured by the number of people, not by area), Iceland has some quite unique and interesting places, museums and exhibitions. One of these places is the Ystafell Auto Museum, which is sometimes also referred to as Ystafell Transport MuseumToday, I take you to this place in Northern Iceland, which is also the oldest car/transportation museum in the country.


Ystafell Auto Museum – Location & Admission

Samgönguminjasafnið Ystafelli, which is the Icelandic name of the museum, geographically belongs to Husavik, which is famous for their whale trips. It is located right at the Norðausturvegur or simply route 85, some 40 km South of Husavik or about the same distance away (if you take the tunnel) from Akureyri. The route is paved, so that there is no issue. The place is actually not too far away from the Grenjastadur Turf House Museum. Ystafell has some more houses and a lovely creek, but no other touristic services.

The museum is only operating in summer months, roughly from mid May until end of September. Opening times at the time of writing the review have been 11:00 to 18:00 hrs. Adult admission was 1,000 ISK at my visit, some 7 Euro


Ystafell Auto Museum – Indoor Exhibits

Depending how you count it, the museum is having three or four indoor exhibition spaces. There is an overall of some 280 cars. Most of the documentation is in Icelandic only unfortunately. However, it is a technical museum, so you get around rather easy. 280 cars in a remote place in Iceland already tells you: the Ystafell Auto Museum is packed – sometimes you would explore cars from behind or the side, which is often not possible. Apart from the vehicles, there are also car parts and a lot of other memorabilia in display.

As you already see from the first pictures, the museum has a lot of personal vehicles, but also a lot of commercial ones and service vehicles like snow scooters. Quite a bunch of the mobile exhibits feel rather unique to a Central European or North American visitor, which absolutely increases the enjoyment of the visit. There are so many cars you just have to have a deeper look and explore them, just because you haven’t seen something equivalent before.

I guess that finally the pictures tell you more about the vast range of topics and kinds of vehicles covered than I could do with words anyway. There are also some very special vehicles like the governmental limousine you see right below.


Ystafell Auto Museum – Outdoor

Last, but not least, there have been quite a number of cars outside the buildings. It is definitely worth to stroll around the premises, especially on a sunny day when stunning cars meet beautiful nature. Naturally, some of the outdoor exhibits are in average in worse conditions than the cars which are preserved indoors.


Ystafell Auto Museum – Services

The museum also has a small souvenir and snack area.


Ystafell Auto Museum – My View

The Ystafell Auto Museum is a lovely hidden gem. I simply love this freaky places, where an enthusiast has followed his dreams and finally created a fascinating collection of items. It is simply fun to stroll through the different exhibition halls, which are linked to each other. If you are around in summer, go for the stop – it is definitely worth it.


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