Fullerton & Customs House – Marina Bay from “the other side”

Fullerton & Customs House

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4.4/5 Pros

  • Beautiful relaxation / entertainment area
  • Beautiful view
  • Nice alternative to Marina Bay Sands

On the last evening of my business trip to Singapore, I chose a lovely Thai restaurant, Sabai, for dinner. After enjoying the meal there, I recognized how beautiful Marina Bay is “from the other side”, i.e. on the Western waterfront, which features famous places like the Fullerton Hotel. I felt to put the evening views into a posting and share them with you.

Western Marina Bay Waterfront – Location

The easiest way to reach the area by local transport is to use the Raffles Place MRT stop. From Marina Bay Sands, it may also be a lovely walk along the shoreline, depending on the current climate conditions.

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Views from Customs House

The Customs House area is located on the Southern part of the Western Shoreline. It was also the area where I had dinner. You have a lovely view over the whole bay and the Marina Bay Sands hotel. When I was strolling along the shoreline, the Spectra light show was just running on the other side of Marina Bay. My posting about the Marina Bay light shows gives you a better view on this amazing show. You cann see too many details from the Customs House side, but it is still amazing.

This area features a lot of middle range restaurants, the Fullerton Bay Hotel and the OUE building and tower.


Fullerton Hotel Area Views

The Fullerton Hotel is likely one of the key icons of Singapore. While the hotel is top notch, the Northern part of the Western Marina Bay shoreline is surprisingly relaxed and laid back. The key landmark is, of course, the Merlion. You can cross Singapore River by the Esplanade bridge. At the shoreline, there are several restaurants and cafes. It may be one of the Starbucks outlets worldwide with the nicest view. Especially due to the merlion, this area is more crowded than the Southern part of the shoreline.


Fullerton & Customs House – My View

The weather on my day of visit was moderate (so that you do not start sweating as an European after 100 metres), the view was clear – if you have a day like this, visiting the Fullerton and Customs House area is definitely worth considering when you are around Marina Bay. I absolutely loved the area and enjoyed hanging out there. And – of course – it is free (apart from any consumption of food and drinks you may feel like). A great place and a definite Top Pick!


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