Panorama Pergamonmuseum Berlin

Panorama Pergamonmuseum

12 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • Impressive panorama
  • Very good documentation and presentation

The Pergamonmuseum is one of the key touristic places in Berlin. The museum features over 250,000 objects of German-lead excavations. However, there is also a “small brother” of this place, which is less known: is the Panorama Pergamonmuseum. It includes some masterpieces of the ancient city of Pergamon, but is majorly a panorama which is taking the visitor to the Greek ancient city at the year 129 A.D.. Not only as it is created by the same artist, Yadegar Assisi, it is also a brother attraction of the panorama DIE MAUER in the German capital.


Panorama Pergamonmuseum – Location & Admission

Panorama Pergamonmuseum is one of the Museumsinsel (“Museums Island”) venues in the heart of Berlin. In fact, the panorama is not located on the island as such, but right next to it. There are multiple easy ways to reach the museum. The easiest is likely Friedrichstrasse Station, which is having underground, S-Bahn commuter rail and regional rail connections. The next tram station is Am Kupfergraben, which is served by line 12 and M1.

The panorama is opening daily apart from Mondays, from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. You have to buy a time slot ticket, which is 12 EUR (adults). You can also visit the panorama as part of a day ticket for the whole Museumsinsel, which is roughly 19 EUR. Visiting all Museumsinsel places in one is quite a challenge, though.


Panorama Pergamonmuseum – The Exhibition

The first part of your visit – and a significant part of your time, deals with antique statues from Pergamon. Like the whole visit, documentation is in German and English. You also learn about the historic Pergamon during the featured time period, 117 to 137 A.D. under Emperor Hadrian. A very interesting part of this section is altering illumination of the statues. After this part, you enter the panorama. You have to lock bags and similar items before the visit.

After you visited the panorama, you get to know a lot of additional statues and similar items from the excavations.


Panorama Pergamonmuseum – The Panorama

Finally, you are there to explore the panorama. It is a full 360 degrees panorama, the light in the rotunda is altering through the different times of the day. You can climb up several platforms and explore the panorama from different levels, while there is an especially composed music running in the background. The total size of the panorama is 108 meters long and 15 meters high.

It is really fun to explore the details of the panorama. Some characters even pop up multiple times (majorly Berlin inhabitants who served as models). The panorama features a mixture of paintings and photographs. Especially the change from daytime to nighttime is again very impressive.


Panorama Pergamonmuseum – Services

There is a small book and souvenir store at the entrance area of the panorama.


Panorama Pergamonmuseum – My View

Visiting the panorama is absolutely impressive. Currently, the exhibition is only scheduled to stay at this place until 2024 (when renovation works in the main museum are thought to be completed). If you visit the German capital, I absolutely recommend you to visit this beautiful and illustrative piece of art.


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