Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre

Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre

62.50 EUR


4.5/5 Pros

  • Very central location
  • Friendly staff
  • Nice breakfast

After my – a bit of weird – trip of passing all 16 German states and eleven largest cities of Germany on one day ticket by train, I just wanted to sleep. Finishing my trip in Saarbruecken, I tried out a hotel which was new to me and visited the Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre. Especially in Germany, the brand Premier Inn felt to be extremely reliable to me in previous stays. Thus, I was really curious about this stay.


Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre – Location

The hotel is really centrally located. It is just a few minutes walk from Saarbruecken Main Station. Thus, the hotel also profits from shopping opportunities and other services in and around the station. The area is also a party area, especially on the weekend. Some people were driving quite loudly in front of the hotel, this may be bothering. If you are traveling by car yourself, the hotel is offering a parking garage.

There are some other hotels around the Premier Inn, including the IntercityHotel Saarbruecken, which I already introduced to you. Please note that there is also another Premier Inn in rather short distance. The Premier Inn Saarbrücken City Congresshalle is a some five minute walk away, on the opposite side of the congress center, which is in the middle of both accommodations.


Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre – Room

I had a one night stay at a refundable rate in January 2023. The Saturday to Sunday stay,including breakfast, was 62.50 EUR. The room was overall rather large. The work desk in the corner of the room was rather weird, especially due to the stool thing which was intended to work as a work desk chair. Fine for one night, but if I were on a longer stay with more work, I would be very angry about that. This was, however, the only design thing I struggled with. I liked all the storage space and the rather large number of power outlets. A water kettle with tea and coffee was also part of the room amenities.

The bathroom was nice, but felt a bit narrow. The door of the shower was a bit weird as it blocked the access when you opened it. Thus, you first had to cross the bathroom and open the shower door. The toilet felt a bit of narrow as well. However, the room was really clean, coming with amenities provided in dispensers.


Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre – Breakfast

Even though I had breakfast on a Sunday at 8:15, this felt to be rather early and I have been the only one at the buffet. In general, the Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre has a rather large breakfast and restaurant area. For that morning they just used a small part of the area. The buffet had a really nice selection of items, which was very nicely presented. I guess that they upscale the volume of food significantly when they expect more people. Thus, the Premier Inn gave me a really relaxed start of the day.


Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre – Service

The check-in and check-out worked out very efficiently, the staff has been very friendly during my stay. The WiFi was similar like in British Premier Inn hotels. You can choose between a free WiFi option and an “Ultimate” one. However, the German free internet is typically fit for most purposes, so that you don’t necessarily need to pay for internet connection in Saarbruecken.


Premier Inn Saarbruecken City Centre – My View

I had a really nice stay at this Premier Inn. The location is very central, the price is right and the services are good. That’s just how Premier Inn grew massively in the British market – and that’s how they might be growing in Germany and other markets as well. Regarding the value for money, this place is a great option.


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