Visiodrom Wuppertal

Visiodrom Wuppertal

11.50 EUR


4.5/5 Pros

  • Great audivisual show
  • Good location / connection
  • Opportunity to go to the top

One of the architectural witnesses of the industrial heritage of the Rhein-Ruhr Region in Germany are definitely the gasometers. These huge gas tanks have been used for various reasons. The one in Wuppertal has been used by the MAN company until 1997. The over 66 meter high tower, which had a gas volume of 60,000 cubic metres is nowadays the Visiodrom, In the interior of the heritage-protected building, you can watch light and sound shows. In February 2022, I wantched the show Humans there.


Visiodrom Wuppertal – Location & Admission

The Visiodrom is located in the Mohrenstraße in the Wuppertal borough of Heckinghausen. There is a bus station very close to the gasometer (Werlestrasse), which is serviced by multiple bus lines. Wuppertal-Oberbarmen station also gives good connections to local and regional traffic and is just a short walk away. The station is also connected to the world-famous Wuppertaler Schwebebahn, a hanging monorail over the river Wupper. If you arrive by car, there is also a parking lot, which is shared with the other facilities in the building, a gym and a restaurant. Visitors have free parking for two hours.

At the time of visit, the Visiodrome opened Thursday to Sunday, 11:00 to 19:00 hrs, with a first show starting at 11:15 hrs. Due to the duration of the show, you should not arrive too close to the closing time. The adult admission is 11.50 Euro. You may watch the show multiple times with one ticket. The attraction accepts the Ruhr.Topcard for a one-time free admission. There is also a combined ticket with another famous gas tank of the region, the Gasometer Oberhausen.


Inside Visiodrom Wuppertal – Humans Show

On the bottom of the cinema space starting at the second level of the iconic building, there are three stairs with seating bags. The place is obviously not heated and sitting there for the 25 minute show will become really freezy – so I was thankful for the blankets the Visiodrom provided as well. There is also a toilet in that area. I was quite surprised that photography is explicitly allowed as long as you don’t disturb somehow (esp. by using flash). As we just came in for the beginning of the show, I did only see that remark at the beginning of the following show.

The show was fantastic. Using video sequences, pictures and atmospheric music, it start with the Earth as part of the universe and then introduces multiple people from different cultures and regions. It majorly goes for African, South American and Asian cultures. They also display some explanatory texts. We were sitting quite close to the exit and thus could not read them. I would thus rather recommend to go for the “wings” of the seating area. The show was very impressive, due to the recording as well as the massive screen size.


Visiodrom Wuppertal – Skywalk

From the display area, you may either take 250 steps or the elevator to reach the top of the Skywalk. The view of Wuppertal might not be the most iconic one you have ever seen, but it is actually quite nice. There is a circular route at the edge of the gasometer. The small “hut” you see on the pictures might be yours if you fancy a very special wedding on top the city. Alternatively, you may also enjoy the view, which includes the famous hanging local monorail.


Visiodrom Wuppertal – Exhibitions

There are also two small exhibition spaces. I especially liked the main one, which gives you more background information about the pictures and scenes you saw in the show. That part was really cool.

If you walk up, you can also learn about the history of the Wuppertal Gasometer and how it was used over time. Due to all the stabilization construction in that area, it is less handy, but the information is really nicely presented.


Visiodrom Wuppertal – Services

As said, there are toilets in the show area. You may also buy some souvenirs like a book with the pictures of the show, which you purchase at the cashier at the entrance. There is also an Italian restaurant, if you feel like a bite.


Visiodrom Wuppertal – My View

The Visiodrom is a really cool place. It is such a great way to make use of the former gasometer – and the show is just breathtaking. Maybe a bit too short, but you start freezing quickly anyway. If you are around, I definitely feel you should spend an hour in this unique place. Views from Above

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