Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton

Reichshof Hamburg

132.24 EUR


4.6/5 Pros

  • Lovely place with history, beautiful building and lobby
  • Right next to the Main Station
  • Beautiful room
  • Lovely staff Cons

  • Gym might be a bit limited at full occupancy

I haven’t been to too many hotels which are featured in own wikipedia articles in my life. One stay, at the Palmer House in Chicago, was rather average. I also stayed at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi a few times – unfortunately, I only feature their famous afternoon tea on In July 2020, I had a trip to Hamburg, for which I had one stay at the 1910-opened Reichshof, which is nowadays driven by Curio Collection by Hilton. At the time of opening, the hotel, which nowadays has 278 rooms, was the largest one in Germany.


Reichshof Hamburg – Location

The hotel has got a perfect location. It is more or less located right across the road from Hamburg Main Station, Germany’s busiest train station (regarding the number of passengers). The traditional Deutsches Schauspielhaus (German Theatre) just a few houses away from the hotel.

Due to the location, it is just a short walking distance to the shopping area. Underground and commuter rail (S-Bahn) connections are provided by the train station, which also features good shopping facitilites. There are numerous other hotels and restaurants around as well.


Reichshof Hamburg – The Room

My Hilton Diamond status upgraded by Queen Medium Room booking to a large Superior Room, which was a real beauty with a view to the rail station. My semi-flex rate (three day cancellation period) was 132.24 EUR for one night, my status added complimentary breakfast. The room design was loively and clean, featuring a large work desk, sufficient space and also a large, cozy sofa. Water and a coffee / tea making machine has been provided as well.

The shower bathroom was a beauty as well. While the living area felt classic, the bathroom had a bit more of a nostalgic touch – which I absolutely enjoyed at the Reichshof – doesn’t it fit perfectly to that place?


Reichshof Hamburg – Breakfast / Food

Breakfast has been served in a love old-fashioned restaurant on ground level. The breakfast was a buffet breakfast, but with major parts serviced: even bread items were given to the guest by staff. Some other items were self serviced on sealed dishes, all due to pandemic precautions. The service was very likely limited compared to the normal Reichshof service, but the hotel definitely offered a good (and very stylish) start into the day even under the precautionary conditions.

The hotel offered also some other chances to have bite or a sip. Next to the restaurant is the bar, which looked very nice from outside. The lobby also featured a kiosk area – what I really enjoy, especially as the minibar was not filled as a Covid-19 measure. The prices at the kiosk were surprisingly low, by the way. Great service!


Reichshof Hamburg – Service

The staff was really lovely. They were even very helpful when I ordered Sushi to Go from a fancy Hamburg restaurant. The lobby area is a beauty – so there are two reasons why you enjoy being in the reception area during your stay, indeed. At the time of my stay, the hotel was already developing an exhibition about the history of the Reichshof, which is planned to be located close to the lobby.

The hotel drives a spa and fitness area in their premises. The services were limited to the gym due to the legal conditions, which looked quite nice to me – at full occupancy, the place might be a bit too limited. The WiFi in the hotel was great.


Reichshof Hamburg – My View

If you do not happen to run into a group of fitness enthusiasts, who storm the gym (and you want to exercise as well..), it will be hard for you to find a negative point about the Reichshof. Curio Collection did a wise investment and a great renovation to turn this hotel to an amazing beauty. Superb location, great staff, the “wow”-feeling when you enter the lobby – I would have loved to have more than night in this one, for sure!


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