Fassberg Airlift Museum

Fassberg Air Bridge Memorial



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very well composed and very educative exhibition
  • Comparably large number of exhibits
  • Very friendly staff

After the end of World War II, the blocking of access to West Berlin by the Soviet Union (the so-called Berlin Blockade) lead to the Berlin Airlift (in German: Berliner Luftbrücke, literally: “Berlin Air Bridge”): This way of supplying West Berlin by air is likely one of the most remarkable peaceful military operations after 1945. During the 323 days under which allied troops ceaselessly flew goods to the split city, Fassberg was one of the key centers of operation. The city, which still hosts an airforce barrack, still nowadays reminds of that mission in the Luftbrückenmuseum, the Airlift Museum. The place is sometimes also referred to as Airlift Memorial.


Fassberg Airlift Museum – Location & Admission

The Luftbrückenmuseum is located at the edge of Fliegerhorst Fassberg, the German air force barracks and airport, which has also been used for the airlift. There is a bus connection (bus 261, Fassberg Fliegerhorst stop. I would rather recommend to visit the place by car, though. There are sufficient parking lots in front of the museum. The town of Faßberg / Fassberg does not have any other major touristic sites – however, the German Tank Museum / Deutsches Panzermuseum in Munster is not too far away and might be another good visit for military history fans.

The museum is opening from spring to fall only. The 2022 season will begin on 2nd April 2022. During my visit under Covid-19 conditions, the museum was opening its doors from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs. Adult admission has been three Euro.


Fassberg Airlift Museum – The Visit

The Fassberg Airlift Museum is a ground next to the barracks with different places and exhibits, e.g. rail wagons, buildings or individual items like a piece of the Berlin Wall. You can walk through the exhibits in a given order (starting with an introductory video) – but even if you alter the logical order, you will have a great time. The exhibitions in buildings feature a lot of interesting smaller and bigger items. You learn a lot about the history of the Berlin Airlift, but also the logistics and the people behind it.

The “star” of the museum is the Fassberg Flyer, a Douglas C-47, which has originally not been a part of the airlift, but was the characteristic model of that time. The C-47 in the museum has majorly been used to transport humans.

I especially liked the part of the museum, which is explaining how the airlift has worked in practice, with designated corridors for flights to Berlin and others for the flight back to West Germany. Other parts also illustrate the goods which have been needed to keep West Berlin under constant supply.


Fassberg Airlift Museum – Services

The staff at the museum has been really friendly and were obviously proud of their museum. In the entrance area, there is also a small shop with airlift memorabilia and typical museum souvenirs.


Fassberg Airlift Museum – My View

The Luftbrückenmuseum is an amazing place. Even though the place is not overwhelmingly large, you learn a lot about the impressive idea and logistics. If you are in the region between Hamburg and Hanover and have some spare time, this is a great place to spend some 60 to 90 minutes.


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