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Luciano Pavarotti House

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5.0/5 Pros

  • Original home of the music legend, almost in original state
  • Great audio guided tour
  • Amazing value for money

Without a doubt, Luciano Pavarotti is one of the biggest music legends in recent history. The Italian is regarded to be very home-loving – thus, it is not too surprising that he died in 2007 in the same city where he was actually born – Modena. South of that city, fans of the tenor opera singer, but also simply curious people can visit his home. Definitely, an impressive experience.


Luciano Pavarotti House – Location & Admission

The Luciano Pavarotti House – or Casa Luciano Pavarotti is located South of Modena and the A1 motorway. The best way to reach the place is by car – there is a restaurant next to the house, which is sharing a large parking lot with the museum (see pictures below). Alternatively, there are also bus tours, which combine the Ferrari Museum in Modena, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and Pavarotti’s house in a round trip. The place is signed from major roads – it is still rather remote.

The museum is opening daily from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs. The adult admission is 10 Euro. The tour through the museum is self-guided, but they provide you an audio guide in multiple languages.


Luciano Pavarotti House – The Visit

Hard to imagine, but you really visit all key rooms of the house, which is practically in the same condition as it has been at Luciano Pavarotti’s death. You first walk up level by level from the ground floor, before you take the elevator to the basement. The first room you visit is the lounge / living room with the piano. As in the whole museum, there are numerous original memorabilia of the maestro. The second key room on ground floor is the large kitchen – you definitely see that Pavarotti loved good food. Of course the place has a certain standard and the villa comes with a really good size, but none of the rooms feels snobbish or tacky.

Awards and Sleeping Room

One level up, you typically first visit the area where a selection of Pavarotti’s awards are in display. Needless to say that you will find numerous Grammy Awards, golden records and other achievements.

The next room is already the dressing area – and some steps later, you are in the dressing room. If you are lucky and the place is not too crowded, you might have the same experience like me: being in Luciano Pavarotti’s sleeping room, exploring the stuff which is in there, just on your own. You may also have a quick look at the en-suite bathroom. To me, that was a really breathtaking experience.

The opposite site of that level deals with Pavarotti and his passion for the opera. Apart from a list of all characters Pavarotti played, you find numerous original costumes and other original items. I am not into opera at all – but even as a country and rock music fan, I have huge respect for Pavarotti – and was overwhelmed to see all that.

Pavarotti and his Social Life

On the very top of the villa, you find a lot of pictures with Pavarotti and famous people, but also letters they wrote him. Pavarotti felt to be a very respected and beloved person – and it is amazing to pass all the pictures and explore all the people he met. Of course, it is also worth to have a look out of the window and have a look around the garden and the beauty of the landscape around the property.

Finally, you head down to basement level. This area features two areas. First of all, there is a display of some of the gifts he received from his fans – there are some really interesting items in display. The second part is featuring Pavarotti and Friends and his other social projects.


Luciano Pavarotti House – Services

The reception of the hotel is located close to the former children’s room. There is also a wide variety of souvenirs, from CDs to shirts and other typical souvenirs.

You may smile when I say that one of the highlights of the visit was that the visitor’s bathroom is in fact the original guest bathroom in the basement area of the villa. Again, I felt it is really fascinating to be in a place in which Pavarotti hosted friends.


Luciano Pavarotti House – My View

Let’s make it short: Casa Luciano Pavarotti is amazing! If you are in the Emilia-Romagna, you just have to visit it. The museum has so many great places and items to explore, the audio guide is good (not too short, not too long) and the staff is really helpful. A beautiful place with the spirit of a true music legend. One of the best places I visited in 2021!


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