Dusseldorf Rhine Tower (Rheinturm)

Rheinturm Düsseldorf



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great view of Dusseldorf and the surrounding area
  • Easy to reach, reasonable pricing
  • Really nice bar service
  • Posh rotating restaurant on top (visit includes free ride) Cons

  • Food options in the bar area are limited

The Rheinturm – or Rhine Tower – is definitely one of Dusseldorf’s most iconic viewpoints. During a recent stay at the the Medienhafen (“Media Harbor” – former harbor area nowadays used for business and recreation), I had the opportunity to take the ride on top of the tower on a lovely summer day.


Rheinturm Dusseldorf – Location & Admission

The Rhine Tower is located North of the Medienhafen area. The neighborhood features a lot of bars and restaurants, as well as the Northrhine-Westfalia state government. You can reach it by car and tram quite easily. There is a dedicated parking lot for the Rheinturm – parking fees are reasonable (at least regarding the area), 2 EUR / hour. On that day, I stayed at the INNSIDE Dusseldorf Hafen hotel, which was about a ten to fifteen minutes walk away.

At the time of writing, the opening times of the tower are 14:00 to 23:00 hrs, Monday to Thursday, Friday 14:00 to midnight, Saturday noon to midnight and Sunday noon to 23:00 hrs. An adult ticket is 9 Euro. I pre-booked my ticket with a time slot, the waiting time was reasonable. If you visit the restaurant (see below), the elevator ride is free. There is no time limit when you have to leave the tower again.


Rheinturm Dusseldorf – The Visit

The Rheinturm features two platforms. The restaurant platform is located on the upper platform at a height of 172.5 meters. The observation deck platform below is at 168 meters. In the entrance area, there is world map and a world clock around the elevator tower.

At observation deck level, you have quite large and clean windows. The whole area is equipped with tables, so that you can enjoy yourselves with a snack or a drink. About one quarter of the deck area could be used for private events – as there was Covid-19-caused one way walking, this was not possible during my visit. The windows also feature some advice what you are able to see in the corresponding direction.


Rheinturm Dusseldorf – Bar / Services

The tower also feature a bar. The prices were really nice and reasonable, I enjoyed having a cocktail up there and have a look down the Rhine river. The food offering on the observation deck level is however very limited. On may day of visit, they had some pretzels and cake.

Above the bar and view deck, there is also a posh Japanese – European fusion rotating restaurant, which I haven’t visited yet. The bar is also selling some cute souvenirs.


Views from Rheinturm Dusseldorf

As said, I had a lovely and clear day at my time of visit. The tower claims that you can even see the some 30 kilometers away city of Cologne from the Rheinturm – and I do confirm that I could spot Cologne Cathedral from there – you may guess it on the pictures below. You could also see the brown coal power plants West of Cologne, which roughly have the same distance from the tower. The view over the city is really nice, you can of course enjoy the ships on the Rhine river. There is a good, quite unblocked view of Dusseldorf Airport as well. Last, but not least, it is a really nice view of the Medienhafen area itself.


Rheinturm Dusseldorf – My View

I felt that visiting the Rhine Tower in Dusseldorf was a really nice usage of my evening time in the Southern part of the city. The view was lovely, services were efficient and nice and the atmosphere was really relaxed. Their Covid-19 handling was also absolutely in range what you can expect nowadays, so that I had a really nice evening. If you are around and the sky is clear, dare the ride! Views from Above

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