Hotel Allegra (Kloten, Switzerland)

For my floorball trip to the the Swiss Women matches between the Floorball Riders and Appelnzell and Frauenfeld vs. Jets, I decided to choose Hotel Allegra in Kloten as a travel hub. I had visited the four star hotel several times before due to its location and service. Here is a review of the place, which is also very popular as an airport hotel.




Hotel Allegra – Location

Hotel Allegra is located very centrally in Kloten, the city close to Zurich, which also hosts the economic capital’s international airport (see here a review of the updated Swiss Lounge). There are supermarkets and shops in close distance. The hotel is even more attractive for travelers as it is right next to the rail tracks and Kloten train station is just a very short walk away.

The vast majority of rooms, though is facing away from the rail tracks. Thus, you do not need to worry about being annoyed about the sound of the trains on the quite frequently used Zurich to Winterthur track.




Hotel Allegra – Rooms

There are four levels of rooms. I had a second level floor room, for which I paid a really low prepaid rate of 82 CHF. Breakfast was not included in this rate. The room was really nice and spacious.There were some nice extras in the room like an umbrella. The bedding was nice and there were a lot of power plugs and USB ports to charge your devices around. The shower bathroom was also absolutely nice, so that I would definitely rate the room a great value for money.








Hotel Allegra – Breakfast

When you first enter the breakfast area, you struggle to believe that this comparably small area is working out. However, the comparably small buffet offers a wide variety. What I absolutely loved is that practically all items are signed in German, French and English. There is a lot of bread, cereals and cold cuts. The food warmers for the hot breakfast are comparably small, but the service is working well and the items are refilled quite fast. The quality of food was fine as well so that I felt that the buffet was absolutely worth the 20 CHF which I paid for it.





Hotel Allegra – Services

Not just at breakfast, the hotel staff did an excellent job. Housekeeping was fine and check-in and check-out were very friendly. I partially struggled with the WiFi. Overall, the quality of the connection was absolutely fine, though.

The fifth floor does not host any more guest rooms, but the fitness area. It is amazing what hotels nowadays need to feature in this area to be competitive. Some floors also feature an ironing room. At the reception, you may also buy some Swiss souvenirs.





The hotel offers an airport shuttle to Zurich Airport. However, you need to pay a small nominal fee to use it. Kloten main station does not have a direct connection to the airport. Parking is free while staying in the hotel. This makes Hotel Allegra to a very good travel hub.


Hotel Allegra – My View

Hotel Allegra is really a nice stay: the rooms are absolutely clean and nice, the staff is helpful and the prices are reasonable (at least if you keep in mind you are in Switzerland). It is nicely located in the Greater Zurich region, not just for the airport. The nearby train station makes it very comfortable if you need to travel around and don’t have a car. In this category of stays, Hotel Allegra is close to the idea one. Top Pick!


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