Hrafnavellir Guest House (Hornafirdi, Iceland)

Hrafnavellir Guest House

25,000 ISK


4.8/5 Pros

  • Amazing scenery
  • Lovely hosts and breakfast Cons

  • Remote location

During our 2023 Ring Road Trip through Iceland, we had a wide range of stays: from guesthouses to hotel chain hotels, from simple stays with a kitchen to comparably posh places. The Hrafnavellir Guest House we had on the second night was very special, but also very characteristic. Characteristc, as the quick to erect cabin-alike accommodation is nowadays not that infrequently used on the island. Special, because in fact the guest house likely offered the most remote location of all stays on the tour. Here is our reivew.


Hrafnavellir Guest House – Location

Geographically, the Hrafnavellir Guest Hose is located in Höfn. However, the Icelandic town of Höfn is over 25 kms (and just about less than half an hour) away. The guest house is located on a wide, flat bay between the ring road and the Atlantic ocean, just a few meters on a gravel track away from Iceland’s key road. There is no public transport or similar – if you book the Hrafnavellir Guest House, you also book a rental car.

There are also no restaurants or other facilities close to the grounds of the cabins. The next supermarket, restaurants, gas stations – you find all of that in Höfn. In Northern direction, the next place with some more services is Djupivogur. However, from the guest house, this is a 70km / one hour drive. This is especially important as Hrafnavellir Guest House does not offer dining.


Hrafnavellir Guest House – The Cabin

We had one night at a standard double room, Sunday to Monday, in April 2023. The bed and breakfast rate with a seven day cancellation period was 25,000 ISK, roughly 166 EUR. The rooms are in fact cabins, i.e. they are pre-built until a certain extent and just put on a foundation and connected to water, electricity etc. Each cabin has its own terrace and there is a gap between the places, so that you have a lot of privacy. The view towards the the sea is amazing. While we were visiting, there were already preparations for two more cabins.

The cabin thing leads to to a certain level of compactness, but the room still felt fine. The cabin was also cozy and well maintained. Fun fact is that there was no TV (our tele-viision is looking out of the window – the guest house is right). There is now real reduction of comfort, the cabin also comes with a large number of power outlets. The bathroom felt really nice and modern. Hrafnavellir Guest House also provided some really nice amenities in dispensers.


Hrafnavellir Guest House – Breakfast

And then there was breakfast. It was definitely not the largest buffet we had on the trip – but I would still rate it the best one. There was so much selection of bread, cold cuts and other items. The hosts were so attentive, you never ran out of something. And if the review so far did not catch you – I promise you an absolutely amazing skyr for breakfast. There were also some other highlights like self-made flavored hummus, which was also a blast. Breakfast is given in the central cabin, where the hosts are also living.


Hrafnavellir Guest House – Service

The hosts of the guest house were amazing, we absolutely loved them. They also state that there is always some bite if people did not read that they don’t offer dinner. I was amazed by the WiFi and 5G quality at the place: you are absolutely out of nowhere – and still have much faster connection than in some German city hotels. As long as the reception is open, you can use the breakfast area for drinks from the bar – or free coffee.


Hrafnavellir Guest House – My View

You can’t have a walk through the city after you arrived. It is remote and maybe a bit of compact, that’s the given facts. But my wife and I absolutely loved the Hrafnavellir Guest House. The scenery is lovely and the hosts are amazing. On top of that, you just cannot smiling while having breakfast.


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