Flying with FLN Frisia-Luftverkehr from Harle (EDXP) to Wangerooge (AGE)

45.50 EUR


4.4/5 Pros

  • Efficient, flexible service
  • Significantly shorter time, compared to ferry Cons

  • Shared parking with ferry

I love small regional air service like the Essential Air Service in the USA or flights to small and rather remote locations in other countries. It finally took me quite a while to set of the review of this experience with FLN Frisia (full name FLN Frisia-Luftverkehr) my wife and I already had in late 2001. Finally, I now take you on a trip to Harle (EDXP) to one of the German North Sea islands, Wangerooge (AGE).


FLN Frisia Wangerooge Service – The Air Fields

In 2023, FLN  Frisia offered scheduled service to two German island airfields, Juist (EDWJ, from Norddeich NOD) and the service I took, from Harle (EDXP) to Wangerooge (AGE). A main part of FLN Frisia’s operations are also touristic round trips, daytrip flights and any kinds of chartered flights, especially in the German North Sea region. This posting, however, is concentrating on the service I took with them.

Flugplatz Harle (EDXP)

The location of the Harle airfield is quite interesting, as it is in fact just a few steps away from the harbor of the ferry to Wangerooge. The airfield is rather on the East side. However, you use the same parking lot, the fees also rather orientate towards the ferry users. Unfortunately, this also means that the parking lots around the airfield may be packed in summer and it may be quite a challenge to find a spot on the meadow parking. The terminal building itself majorly features check-in and processing facilities. There is no cafe or similar. The waiting area, however, offers some vending machines. The daily parking fee is currently 6 EUR.

FLN Frisia does not have to follow all rules of commercial airlines in Germany. You do have a fixed and guaranteed booking for a certain flight – they may, however, put of on an earlier connection if you arrive ahead of time.


Flugplatz Wangerooge (AGE/EWDG)

The airfield of Wangerooge (AGE/EWDG) is located rather East of the town on the island. This is a contrast to the ferry, which is landing at the very Southwest. From there, you typically take a short rail connection over the island. Please note that, in general, there is no car traffic on the island. There are a few exceptions though, including the firefighters and few airport services. The terminal building here is smaller – and the Harle airfield one feels also more welcoming. There is a cafe close to the terminal, though, which is a great way to hang out before your flight. Walking distance to the city center is some 15 minutes.



FLN Frisia Wangerooge Service – Fleet

FLN Frisia-Luftverkehr operates a fleet of planes optimized for their North Sea shore operations. The vast majority of flights is operated by one of their nine Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander planes. Thi is also the type of plane we used on both legs. The capacity of this plane is eight passenger seats, coming in four rows. In addition, FLN Frisia also operates two Cessna 172XP and four Cessna 182T, which are also used for their charter operations and similar services.

Nowadays, an adult one way flight from Harle to Wangerooge is 45.50 EUR. There is no discount. You have 10kgs of free luggage (children: 5kg). Additional luggage is .80 EUR per kilogram. There are also additional fees for prams, dogs and similar goods. The flight is operated with a single pilot. This compares to the return ticket of ferry and train on the island, which is 40.40 EUR (adult, overnight guests) / 32.20 (adult, day trip). There are also luggage limits and luggage fees on the ferry. The whole trip, ferry and train, takes about 90 minutes.


FLN Frisia Wangerooge Service – The Flights

All the preparation for this flight take much longer than the flight itself. The connection is rather quick and the planes are very agile. The transfer should not take longer than five mites. One of the key reasons why I love this service are the views from the low-flying plane. Additionally, there is always something interesting happening on these flights. The pilots, though, were very professional and we felt very safe. Another reason why the flight in fact feels longer is also a rather long taxiing at the island.

Below are some additional impressions of our inbound flight. The plane simply cuts the transfer time with the ferry significantly. Even though the plane is narrow and packed, this “painful” experience also lass less than ten minutes and feels thus very bearable.


FLN Frisia Wangerooge Service – Service

Wangerooge features the airfield restaurant I already mentioned. Harle Airfield also sells some FLN Frisia merchandise. FLN offers you to bring you luggage from the airfield in Wangerooge to your hotel or accommodation. This is done by car.


FLN Frisia-Luftverkehr Wangerooge Service – My View

I feel that this local German airline is really providing a great service. The flights are efficient and flexible, the staff (on the ground an in the cabin) are doing a great job. The price is higher than on the ferry, but especially for a day trip, their service is very handy.


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