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German Roentgen Museum



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very illustrative museum
  • Very good value for money
  • Friendly staff

The museum at the Schwelmer Straße 41 is not exactly at birthplace of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen – but it is just a two minute walk away – I showed it to you in my walk through the Remscheid borough of Lennep. The city of Remscheid is truly proud of the son of the city – and that’s why it is not too surprising that they honor the physicist with an own museum. Here is my review of the German Roentgen Museum (or Deutsches Röntgen Museum, what would be the native language name).


German Röntgen Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located in the heart of the historic district of Remscheid-Lennep. The street Thüringsberg operates like a ring road in that area, so that you will easily make it to the museum by car. There is a parking lot for visitors in the rear of the museum. If you go for public transport, you may walk from Remscheid Lennep train station or take the bus 655, which is having a dedicated stop right at the museum. The historic center of Lennep is in general also a nice place for a beautiful walk.

The museum is opening daily apart from Mondays. There are dedicated rules for public holidays, so that it is good to check out their website if you want to visit on one of them. Admission to the museum is 5 Euro, you may also buy a combined ticket with the German Tool Museum in Remscheid for 7 Euro.


German Röntgen Museum – The Visit

The museum more or less connects two buildings. It starts with the early days and biography of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. In general, the museum is very illustrative. Especially in the first sections of the museums, there are a lot of drawers and cupboard doors you can open to spot some additional exhibits. You also learn about the passions of the physicist apart from Of course, the German Roentgen Museum is also featuring the original birthplace of Roentgen along the road.

The next steps of the museum lead you to a basement section, which illustrates the scientific work of Roentgen. This area also introduces you to Roentgen’s early laboratory. Like almost the whole museum, this section is bilingual, German and English, so that you will easily get in the premises. After you leave that section, you more and more move forward in time and have a look of what especially the work on x-rays (which are named Röntgenstrahlen in German) still means to life significantly after Roentgen passed away in 1923 in Munich. For example you look into the development of medical x-rays, but also how they are used in archaeology and very different fields of science.

One of the very last places you visit is a large exhibition room featuring another wide range of machines making use of Roentgen’s discovery. For example, you can also have a look into x-ray driven astronomic telescopes.


German Röntgen Museum – Services

The staff in the museum has been very welcoming and helpful during my visit. The whole museum feels renovated and very modern, which also applies to the small souvenir store in the lobby area. The museum also provides audio guides, including those in simplified language.


German Röntgen Museum – My View

The German Röntgen Museum is an amazing place. Life and scientific work of the scientist are excellently presented, the exhibition is very entertaining as well. I absolutely loved my visit there and learned a lot about this famous citizen of Remscheid. Thus, I absolutely recommend it.


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