Al Noor Island and Butterfly House (Sharjah)

Al Noor Island and Butterfly Park

50 AED


4.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely scenery in the heart of Sharjah
  • Nice butterfly house
  • Good maintenace

essAl Noor Island is located right inside Khalid Lake in Sharjah, which is also around the Al Montazah Parks amusement park. During one of my last visit to the Untied Arab Emirates, a Groupon offer made me visit the island, which is a mixture of a park and also features a butterfly house. Here are my thoughts.


Al Noor Island – Location and Admission

Access to Al Noor Island is by a bridge (the Al Noor Island Bridge), which is next to the al-Nur Mosque. The lake shore area also offers car parking. If you don’t have a U.A.E. mobile phone to do the payment, you should have quite a number of coints to pay for the parking fees. The 3R bus is stopping nearby, but in general, you will likely take the trip to the entrance by car, rental one or taxi.

The island is openi from 9:00 to 23:00 on (Arabic) weekdays, until midnight at weekend. The butterfly house is closing at 18:00 already. The admission for the island, which also includes access to the butterflies is 50 AED (roughly 12 EUR). The admission includes the butterfly house (in the past, you sometimes needed an extra ticket).


Al Noor Island – Visiting The Island

Crossing the bridge is already giving you lovely views of the city of Sharjah. You can stroll around the island as long as you like. There are directions given in Arabic and English

The park has beautiful different sections. Some of them rather remind of a botanical garden, while others also feature art and similar themes. One of the most outstanding experiences, though, is to walk along the edge of the island (and its beach) and enjoy the breathtaking views of Sharjah. The beaches are also a nice territory to watch birds.

Below, you see some more impressions. They also illustrate that despite the island is not overwhelmingly large, it features quite some nice areas, which allow you to hang out and relax.



Al Noor Island – Butterfly House

The park on the island is really impressive, but the butterfly house is a beauty as well. The architecture is really nice and one you pass the reception desk, you are in. The area is not overwhelming large, but gets its job done, definitely.

The butterfly house is home to several hundred animals of several species. The pictures below shows a few of them. As you can see, the building gives a nice opportunity to explore, including caterpillars. An educator is not only taking care of the fragile animals, but also helps you to lean about them.



Al Noor Island – Services

The park features toilets and playgrounds. The butterfly house is also home to the Noor Cafe, which is also offering some nice snacks.


Al Noor Island – My View

I really love Al Noor Island. It is a great spot to relax and even learn something, like in the butterfly house. The views are amazing and the island is well-maintained. While Sharjah is overall rather busy and stressful, this is its place for some more quiet moments. about Sharjah

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