Holiday Home Wonderland (Ralingen)

Holiday Home Wonderland Ralingen

231.65 EUR


4.5/5 Pros

  • Lovely flat created with a lot of love by the hosts
  • Beautiful flat and garden
  • Very good communication

My review category Hotels & Accommodation in fact only features hotels so far. Thus, the review of Holiday Home Wonderland is some sort of debut, as it is a holiday flat. The place got quite some social media attendance during 2021, as it features a sauna and a whirlpool. My wife and I have been very curious about this place and finally visited it in Southwest Germany in July 2022. Enjoy my first holiday flat review on


Holiday Home Wonderland – Location

There are two cottages driven by the same owners, the other one being called Holiday Home Timeout. They are located at the Breitenstraße in Ralingen, a town right at the River Sauer, which is separating Germany from Luxembourg. It is more or less absolutely necessary to travel to Ralingen by car.

You likely opt for a place like this rather for relaxation, but if you feel like sightseeing, the two Holiday Homes are a nice option. The historic city of Trier is just about twenty minutes away, beautiful Echternach in Luxembourg is even just about ten minutes. There are quite some other places around, for example the interesting Henri Tudor Museum about electricity or former Roman sites. The borough of Godendorf, where the holiday flat is located, also comes with a restaurant. There are other restaurants around and some delivery services. The best options for supermarkets are near Echternach.


Holiday Home Wonderland – Flat

My wife had a two night stay at Holiday Home Wonderland. Including taxes, the rental was 463.31 EUR.You had to pay at reservation. However, there was a cancellation option some weeks before the actual stay. Holiday Home Wonderland is located in the basement of the house. As it is built on a hill, this means you have to take quite a steep drive down to it ,but therefore stay at garden level. Holiday Home Timeout is at street level, a floor above Wonderland, but thus does not have any garden access. The building also features a third residence.

The hosts chose a rather dark design of the flat. It is not absolutely my favorite, but they did it in style, so that it was overall a clear and steady design. You enter the flat right in the kitchen area, the sauna is to your right (see below), the bed and the bathroom are in the rear of the flat.When we arrived, the flat was decorated with so much love: the tableware was already on ready for lunch, there were some sweets everywhere around and you also had the tea board you see in the pictures below. The kitchen is nicely equipped and features all you need, including a large fridge and an oven. There is even a grill in case you feel like a barbecue.You also could leave some greetings or drawings at the wall, which I felt to be a rather neat idea.

The bed was beautifully decorated in a canopy bed style. This area also featured sufficient space to leave your luggage. The bathroom of the holiday flat was really amazing, a modern design with different shower programs. The whole flat was spotlessly clean, we felt comfortable and safe during the whole stay.


Holiday Home Wonderland – Garden

If you are renting the Holiday Home Wonderland, you have exclusive use of the garden. The other two parties in the house might watch you and a very limited part of the green premises can be seen by the neighboring house, but overall, we felt a lot of privacy. Again, the hosts put a lot of love into the garden. It features different seating opportunities, a fireplace and a lot of green space and lawn. As we have also been very fortunate in regards of the weather, my wife and I really enjoyed to stay out. Due to the proximity of the river, you might have to deal with mosquitoes a bit.


Holiday Home Wonderland – Spa Features

Apart from the lovely garden, the spa features are of course the main reasons why you opt for the Holiday Home Wonderland in Ralingen. The sauna is located within the flat. The sauna itself feels a bit of narrow for two people. However, it is nice and relaxing. We struggled a bit finding the light switch of the sauna. Everything you need, including sauna infusion was ready for use. Of course, you need to heat up the sauna for obvious environmental reasons before usage.

The whirlpool is located in the garden in a cute little house. Getting rid of the cover (and especially getting it up again) is a bit of a struggle, but I absolutely loved it. The water includes chloride, if I felt correctly. Of course, you are not allowed to add something to the water. The whirlpool is ready to use, you only need to care about the cover.


Holiday Home Wonderland – Service

The handling of the reservation works absolutely contactless. There is a key safe around the building, you receive the code a few days before your actual visit. Even though we never met them in person, my wife and I really loved the hosts. We got an online guest register with an overview of important services, sights and also hikes in the area. Before and during the visit, we had a couple of e-mails (proactive by the hosts) if everything is fine and if there are open questions. Last, but not least, they also asked for our feedback after the stay.

The flat features WiFi which worked very well during our stay. Due to the proximity to the border to Luxembourg, my mobile phone connected to their network, which gave me a much better recption than my German provider. Nowadays, I guess, it is a limited issue , but in case you have very different roaming conditions in both countries, you should likely be aware of that.


Holiday Home Wonderland – My View

Thanks to the wonderful hosts and all the love they put into this place, we really had a nice time at the German-Luxembourgian border. The flat itself could indeed need some more square meters – but the outdoor area definitely pays it back to you. I especially loved the stylish kitchen, the modern bathroom and the whirlpool. Thanks for a beautiful stay – this place definitely well-deserved the Top Pick! banner on top of this review.


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