Forest Lagoon Akureyri

Forest Lagoon

6,590 ISK


4.8/5 Pros

  • Beautiful atmosphere and view
  • Nice range of facilities and services
  • Good restaurant

Our April and May 2023 trip along the Icelandic Ring Road had also been dedicated to visiting some of the geothermal spas outside the capital region. One place I was especially curious about has been Forest Lagoon, one of the latest addition to the portfolio of naturally driven warm water places in Iceland, located in Akureyri. Here are my thoughts about our time there.


Forest Lagoon – Location & Admission

Forest Lagoon (or Skogarböd, which is the Icelandic name) is located East of Akureyri, some three kilometers away from city center. You have to drive the dam across the fjord to reach the car park of the attraction. Parking is free, there is also a smaller parking lot closer to the spa for mobility reduced people and cyclists.

The opening times of the lagoon are surprisingly long, compared to its peers. It is opening daily from 10:00 to midnight. Adult admission is 6,590 ISK, roughly 45 EUR. Renting a towel is 900 ISK.


Forest Lagoon – The Visit

My wife and I were very lucky with our time slot. The weather was lovely and nonetheless, there were not too many people on that evening in May 2023. The key reason were two major sports events running in parallel. After you pay, you get a wristband with an RFID chip. You can use it to open and close your locker (you can chose any you like), but also to pay for drinks – you have to pay the balance before you exit. Showering without bathing suites is mandatory, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are provided as well as body cream before you leave. The dressing room is very clearly structured and nicely maintained. If you happen to forget your locker, you can hold it at a display which shows you your locker number.

Right after you leave the dressing area,you are more or less already in the main pool. The pool is really large, and is having a nice view of Akureyri and the and the Eyja Fjord. The temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius and thus really pleasant. In contrast to the Vök Baths we visited before, the pool was very comfortable. Vök Baths had a significant level of algae in the water and especially in the floor, which made it very slippery. No similar issue in this place. I also liked that there were benches in the water and table-alike concrete structures to place your drinks on. To enter the pools. you there are ramps and stairs. Towards the fjord and city, the pool is designed in an infinity pool-alike way.

Sauna and more additional facilities

However, there is more than just the main pool at Forest Lagoon. A small hut hosts a sauna with a large window – you simply have an amazing view over the fjord there. I also loved that they provide towels to sit on inside the sauna. Right next to the sauna, there are hot and cold showers as well as a cold pool. The rear of Forest Lagoon features a hot pool (41 to 42 degrees) at a slightly elevated position.


Forest Lagoon – Services

Forest Lagoon offers a free shuttle service from different spots in Akureyri to the lagoon. There are two bars in the pools. They also serve cocktails, sparkling wine and beer. There is a cold drinking water dispenser for free If you feel like a bite, you can do so outside the gates (i.e. dressed up and before entering / after leaving the place) at their restaurant. We absolutely loved the food there. Like in the whole Forest Lagoon, the staff in the restaurant was very friendly and relaxed.


Forest Lagoon – My View

The locals love their Forest Lagoon – and I can absolutely reconcile. The view is great, the atmosphere is relaxed and the services are good – what else do you need? Together with the posh (and more expansive) Sky Lagoon, this is the place to go in Iceland in my point of view.


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