Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport

Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport



4.6/5 Pros

  • Hotel very close to the airport terminals
  • Very modern, aviation-themed design
  • Great terrace allowing to enjoy views of Cologne / Bonn Airport
  • Very kind staff Cons

  • Connection to Terminals and rail station not / not fully covered
  • Breakfast times might be too late for an airport hotel

The hotel situation at Cologne / Bonn Airport used to be quite bothering. There used to be a single hotel in the airport area, the Leonardo Hotel Köln Bonn Airport – but it is very difficult to walk from the airport railway station or the terminal to the hotel or vice versa. The Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport, driven by the Marriott Group, is significantly easing the situation. In early July 2021, the hotel opened its doors, located more or less right between Terminal 1 and 2. I just had to give them a try and visit the hotel about a week after they started their services. The hotel is also called Moxy Köln / Bonn Flughafen in German.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – Location

The hotel is located more or less next to the parking garage P2 and Cologne / Bonn Airport rail station. There was unfortunately no sign-posting at my time of visit from the train station – the signs in the terminal buildings are limited. If you arrive by train, the Terminal 1 exit is preferable, for sure. If you come by car, be aware that the hotel is located within the 10 minute Kiss & Fly zone of the airport – if you stay for more than ten minutes between the gates with your car (and do not park in one the parking lots, P1 or P2, in the meantime, you are facing quite massive fees. The hotel is making you aware of that by signs in front of the hotel.

The airport is offering a couple of services which are helpful for the traveler. The landside selection of restaurants is rather limited, though. Quick bite lovers find a Burger King in Terminal 1 and a McDonalds in Terminal 2 – but there are some other decent options as well. A couple of options have not survived Covid-19 crisis. A very good place to stock up your foodie reserves is the supermarket in Terminal 1. The walkway to Terminal 1 is not fully covered, the direct walk to Terminal 2 is more or less open air completely. P2 is also holding the car sharing parking lots and the car rental facilities. Commuter train rides to Cologne Main Station are less than 20 minutes and run frequently.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – Atmosphere, Lobby & Terrace

The Moxy comes with a boutique-style, very cozy design, which frequently picks up the aviation topic. Already at the entrance lobby, there is a major painting of an airplane cockpit. The reception is at the highest level of the hotel, the 5th level. You can relax there, have a drink, work in the business center, buy some snacks or enjoy their restaurant. The area is really welcoming.

The Terrace

Without a doubt, the signature area of the hotel is its terrace. You majorly have a view of the two terminals, but there are some spots which allow you to watch the taxing planes on the apron or landing and departing planes. Furthermore, you have a view of the military part of the airport. Just amazing to see my hometown airport from that perspective.

The Floors

One thing I really loved is the design of the floors. Moxy again took the idea of the airport-style designs. One thing which I did not like, though, is that the taxiway markings lead to rooms. I could imagine that in the case of fire, people tend to run along these taxiway lines and get confused. Maybe I am just a bit too critical.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – The Room

I booked a Queen Room at the Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport. The prepaid rate from Tuesday to Wednesday was 91.35 Euro, prepaid (non-refundable), including breakfast. The room was quite remote from the elevator in the first floor, facing to the inner courtyard of the hotel, which is roughly having a pentagon shape. The upper outside rooms of the hotel might be a bit more exposed to noise, but therefor come with airport views.

The room again featured some of the aviation design ideas. Overall, it is a good design for a night before or after a flight: sufficient room for suitcases, a large bed, sufficient power plugs and a small workdesk (which is in fact a foldable board). The work desk thing, which came with ton-alike seat, was maybe the only thing I struggled with a bit – for my equipment it felt rather small. Therefor, I feel in love with the small table next to the bed. It did not even feature the area around Cologne/Bonn, but even had Bonn/Hangelar airfield, located in Sankt Augustin, the city where I grew up – home feeling at its climax.

The bathroom was nice and functional. I liked the shower area. No planes or other aviation references, though. After having a shower, the bathroom was quite watered, though, which I felt to be very bothering.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – Breakfast

I would call the setup of the breakfast “market square style”. There are different areas for hot drink, juice, yoghurt etc. where you can grab your food. Similar to a Motel One, for example, there are just a few different kinds of tablewear. I was a bit bothered that bowls were only at the cereals, but not at the yoghurt and fruit area. Apart from that, the hotel offered a really nice range of items to start your day. Regarding the Moxy is an airport hotel, starting breakfast at 6:00 hrs may be comparably late, however.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – Services

The staff was very friendly. The hotel had issues with the guest WiFi, so that they had to share the event password with the guests. The connection worked very well – you have to say, though, that the hotel did not run at high capacity. Right next to the hotel entrance, the hotel features a nice 24/7 gym.


Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport – My View

The Moxy Cologne Bonn Airport is a great upgrade of the services available at Cologne / Bonn Airport. There are some things which the hotel can hopefully improve, e.g. breakfast times and connection to the terminals or train station, but overall, I really loved the stay there. The aviation-alike design of the rooms and the hotel is of course awesome for an airport geek like me.


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