Museum of the Everyday Culture (Museum der Alltagskultur, Waldenbuch)

Museum der Alltagskultur / Museum of the Everyday Culture



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good presentation
  • Interesting way of illustrating change (and constants) in society
  • Lovely staff and location

There are so many art museums and technical museums out there. However, do we really care sufficiently about the items we really deal with on a daily basis? Maybe that’s about story of the Museum der Alltagskultur – or Museum of Everyday Culture in English. The place is located in Waldenbuch South of Stuttgart. I already took you to this city when I introduced you to the art museum and chocolate exhibition driven by the Ritter Sport chocolate company. I enjoyed this museum quite a lot – hope you do enjoy the trip with me as well.


Museum of the Everyday Culture – Location & Admission

The museum is beautifully located in the historic heart of the city of Waldenbuch, in a castle. If you come from Stuttgart by public transport, a rail and bus combination brings you to the Waldenbuch Schloss bus stop, which is served by several bus lines. From Stuttgart, you connect at Leinfelden Bahnhof from S-Bahn commuter train to buses 760 or 828. I opted for a car sharing car from Southern Stuttgart. There is parking available close to the museum, you should have a parking disc for timed parking, though, for the two hours of free parking.

The museum is opening from Tuesday to Sunday (incl. holidays). The daily opening times are 10:00 to 17:00, the closing time is 18:00 at Sundays and on holidays. Adult admission is 4 EUR. You can also buy a combined museum with Museum Ritter, the art museum driven by the chocolate empire family in Waldenbuch. The total for this ticket is 8 EUR.


Museum of the Everyday Culture – The Visit

The museum is using the different rooms of the former castle wisely. Overall, you have a rather structured visit, but there are opportunities to skip and bypass topics you might not be that interested in. The museum is majorly in German, but there are key facts here and there in English as well. Overall, you do get around with limited knowledge of the local language. The first section I visited was Zeitsprünge (“Time Jumps”). It is a lovely way to kick off your visit as it illustrates how similar some of the needs have been a few centuries ago compared to nowadays – and how similar they have (partially) been satisfied.

After that, you dive deeper into the main exhibitions. Typically, a room or a section deals with a certain topic and illustrates the evolution of the need based on consumer goods over time. Some sections of the museum also focus on how people used to live during different eras. Another key topic of the museum is hunting and hunting culture. Even though you pass masses of exhibits, you don’t feel to be over-loaded with information. You can grasp many items and displays rather easily at first sight – or decide to dig deeper into them in case you are really interested into the topic. There is a lot to see, so that I would at least recommend to block 90 minutes for the visit.


Museum of the Everyday Culture – Auschwitz Special Exhibition

It’s really quite a shame that there was so much time between my visit of the museum and the publication of the review. During my visit, the Museum of Everyday Culture hosted the temporary exhibition Nebenan (or: Next Door). It tells how the neighbors of the former concentration camps of Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau deal with the situation that they live close to a place of mass murder. It also featured stories illustrating how that very special situation changed in the mind of the locals over time. I felt that this part of my visit was really impressive.


Museum of the Everyday Culture – Service

The staff at the museum was absolutely amazing and helpful. There is a small souvenir store at the cashier / reception.


Museum of the Everyday Culture – My View

There were so many memories and interesting stories in the Museum der Alltagskultur – I just absolutely loved it. The setting in the historic castle is very nice as well. Thus, I would definitely recommend to have a look into this memorable exhibition if you are around the South of Stuttgart. and Stuttgart

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