Car Rental Review – Sixt Goslar – Audi A6 Quattro

Sixt Goslar



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great staff
  • Convenient location
  • Good rental and return processes

Back to my former home, the Harz mountains: watching two matches of the Red Devils Wernigerode, visiting my student residence Clausthal-Zellerfeld and having some basic tourist activity made it necessary to explore the region by car. The good location of Sixt in Goslar North of the German mountains gave me an easy choice, which car rental provider to choose. There is my review.


Sixt Goslar – The Rental

I had a two day rental in Goslar, receiving the car on a Friday at about 13:00 and returning the car on Saturday evening to head on to Hanover. The originally booked class was a Toyota C-HR / Opel Astra class. However, I got upgraded by multiple classes and finally received a very spacious and comfortable Audi A6 quattro station wagon – which would have been an amazing drive if the Harz mountains had snow on that weekend. The total rental fee was 93.07 EUR, including basic insurance.


Sixt Goslar – Location & Office

The Sixt office in Goslar is located right North of the train station. This was the key argument to go for choosing Sixt at this location and not going for another rental company in the region. If you take some detour, there is even a barrier-free access to the walking tunnel underneath the railway tracks. The out of office times return of the car has been managed by an Aral gas station a short walk away from the Sixt building. The rationale is that Sixt had issues with key safes.


Sixt Goslar – Receiving The Car

Receiving the car was a very friendly experience. The staff was overwhelmingly friendly and we had a nice chat. Apart from the significant upgrade I also loved that the car was explained to me in some details and I received some hints about the region. The process was really smooth without any try to sell me additional insurance or similar upselling. Thus, the rental experience was really excellent in that regard.


Sixt Goslar – Returning The Car

As said, as I returned the car at about 20:40 on Saturday, I left it at the car park of a nearby Aral station. You hand over the keys at the desk of the petrol station. Even though the gas station as such is not checking the car, it still felt to be a better process to me than dropping the keys into a key box. Thus, I felt that this was really nice.


The Car – Audi A6 Quattro

I feel I can really make it short here: of course, the Audi A6 is an excellent car. I like features like the cockpit functions, which allow a lot of customization. The four-wheel drive would have been ideal in case of snow in the Harz region. However, it was only foggy and rainy during my two days of rental. I loved the car and felt very comfortable in it.


Sixt Goslar – My View

Renting at Sixt in Goslar was an excellent experience. The staff was great and I liked the return of the car – even though the gas station is a few meters more distant from Goslar Train Station than the Sixt rental office as such. Loved it!


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