Hilton Gdansk

Hilton Gdansk

756 PLN


4.8/5 Pros

  • Lovely location
  • Great service and wonderful restaurant
  • Room with a lovely view

Gdansk is simply a beautiful Polish city, right at the Baltic Sea. I already took you on a walk through Old Town in one of my Pictured Stories. This posting is about the hotel my wife and I stayed in in September 2021, the Hilton Gdansk (sometimes also named Hilton International Gdansk). Enjoy my review


Hilton Gdansk – Location

The Hilton Group Hotel is located right in the heart of Old Town. If you don’t fancy to go for one of the private boat cruise companies, you might even the (quite touristic) public ferry, which is stopping right in front of the hotel. The bascule bridge to Olawianka ist also right next to the hotel and offers a short walk (if you are able to walk across the bridge, at least) to the AmberSky Ferris Wheel.

We took a taxi/an Uber from Gdansk Airport (GDN), which is very comfortable and rather cheap (some 50 PLN / less than 15 EUR). You might even go for a taxi when you arrive by train, as Gdansk Main Station is a bit of remote.


Hilton Gdansk – The Room

We had a two night stay, from Friday to Sunday, in late September 2022. The flexible rate was 1512.80 PLN, roughly 326 EUR. My Hilton Honors Diamond Status granted us the upgrade to a room with river/channel view as well as free breakfast. The room had a spacious, comfortable touch. The design of the room was really nice and we more than sufficient space for our luggage. I naturally loved the large work desk, but the room also had all it needs to go for a relaxing time with a movie on TV or similar as well.

The bathroom has actually been really nice as well. It had a shower and a separate bathtub, which my wife especially appreciated. Hilton Gdansk provided the typical Hilton amenities.

The signature feature of the room, however, was the view without a doubt. All pictures below are taken from the room. No more comment needed, I guess.


Hilton Gdansk – Breakfast / Food

Dining was provided in the Mercato Restaurant. Breakfast was served as a buffet, egg dishes were made to order. Some more fancy options like starting the day with Eggs Benedict lead to a supplement. Again, the hotel provided an excellent performance. Only the pancakes I ordered at the first morning (see picture below) did not match at all the ones my wife got at the second one (no stuffing, no fruit compote).

On the evening of arrival, we also went for dinner at the Mercato. We had a tasting menu for 250 PLN per person, which was an awesome culinary experience. Despite the high-rated cusine at the Hilton, the atmosphere was relaxed, which we highly appreciated. We had an awesome evening and thus decided to come back for some a la carte selection on the second evening. Needless to mention that we loved that experience as well. At good weather, you may also sit outside.


Hilton Gdansk – Services

The reception staff was very helpful and we always felt welcome. The hotel runs a rather small gym. I unfortunately could not take pictures of the nice rooftop pool. If you arrive by car, the hotel is also driving a garage.


Hilton Gdansk – My View

Our stay at Hilton Gdansk has simply been awesome. A lovely room, great service and amazing food – Sarah is already urging me to give this place another trip. I am sure we will do some time. There is hardly a reason (maybe the in general poor public traffic situation around Old Town) not to consider this place if you want to stroll through the beautiful Northern Polish city.


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